Monday, February 25, 2013

When A Blackened Candle Is Meaningless

I get a lot of questions on this from my clients so I thought I would share this. Most people know that when you are burning a 7 day candle and the glass is black that it's not a good sign. Now, the thing is that it all depends on the type of candle. I use a lot of Reed Candle Co. candles. The thing is that their black 7 day candles ALWAYS burn black. It has something to do with the black dye they use. If you run your fingers on the side it's not like soot but a liquid, greasy black stuff. So in this case one cannot interpret this to mean that it's a bad omen.


  1. If I was burning a 5 senses 7 thoughts candle and the flame extinguished on the second day. Does it mean anything? Should I try again? The candle itself did not burn too much.

    1. I've never heard of that candle. But when a candle extinguishes itself far before it should it's a bad sign. Do a cleansing and then redo it.

  2. It is a love candle. To draw someone back by making them think of you all the time and see you everywhere.

  3. Burned it again. This time it burned completely, however, one side of the glass (the side where the label with the prayer is) the glass was turned black. From the top (thickest part) of the glass to about half-3/4 of it. The prayer label was partially burned, the lowest half and pretty much the rest of the glass burned clear. I have a picture of it. Not looking good huh?