Friday, March 8, 2013

48 Hours: Picture Perfect

Documentary on the murder of Travis Alexander. His psycho ex-girlfriend Jodi Arias is currently on trial for his murder. Travis was attacked in the shower, shot in the face with a gun, stabbed up to 29 times according to the prosecution, and then had his throat slit ear to ear. Jodi Arias then took pictures of the deed and then later tried to destroy the camera by throwing it into the washing machine. She then ditched the gun in the desert and later told the police that a group of "ninjas" or people dressed in black killed Travis. At trial Jodi Arias has changed her story to that she killed him but only because he was abusive and she was simply a "battered woman" who had to kill him in self-defense. She routinely demonizes him and has accused him of being a child-molester. Jodi Arias is a beautiful monster, a demon who walks in human form. If she walks free or is not given the absolute maximum sentence, including the death penalty, then I will lose all faith in our legal system.


  1. She gives me the creeps. Cold, empty eyes of a killer.

  2. I have to agree, this woman is an evil psycopath. This was planned murder, she has no remorse and zero empathy for his family either. She has no regard for life. She said she would choose the death penalty over life in prison - I think she she should be left to rot, alone, in prison for the rest of her natural life with nothing but her thoughts until she comes before God.