Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jodi Arias Is Not An Abused Or "Battered Woman"

The following blog entry deals with my personal opinion due to my experience with truly abused women.

I got into a little heated argument today with a family member who believes that Jodi Arias was an abused women. Let me give you a break down of truly abused women.

The Typical Abused Or Battered Woman

-Lives with the abuser
-Is financially dependant upon the abuser
-Has every aspect of her life controlled by the abuser
-Is threatened that if she leaves she will be killed
-Is routinely "punished" (abused) for actions that upset the abuser.
-Is blamed for the abusive actions of the abuser, i.e. "I wouldn't have hit you if you didn't make me angry."
-Has much evidence of the abuse, witnesses to the abuse, doctor visits, pictures, etc.
-Adopts behavior in an attempt to prevent abuse. (ex- Learns never to question the abuser.)

Did Jodi Arias live with the so-called abuser? No, no she did not. In fact, she drove hundreds of miles to see him. Was she married to the so-called abuser? No, no she was not because the so-called abuser made it clear that he did not want to marry her. Was she in a relationship with the so-called abuser? They were technically broke up at the time of the murder. The so-called abuser did not want to date Jodi. Instead, he only wanted a sexual relationship with her. Was Jodi Arias financially dependant upon the so-called abuser? No, no she was not. Did Jodi Arias have her entire life controlled by the so-called abuser? No, not at all. There is no evidence that the so-called abuser attempted to control her life in any way. Was Jodi Arias threatened to be killed if she left the so-called abuser? No, no she was not. The so-called abuser did not want a dating relationship with her, did not want to marry her, and only wanted a sexual relationship with her. Did the so-called abuser blame Jodi Arias for the alleged abuse? Nothing has presented to indicate this. Does Jodi Aria have extensive evidence of abuse? No. We have the words of an admitted liar and sexual texting and messages which she claims is abuse but which is actually a part of the their sexual relationship, which she was a consenting adult who willingly participated in. Going further, the actions of Jodi Arias are not consistent with the behavior of an abused woman. For example, abused women learn not to do certain actions as to avoid upsetting the abuser. Jodi Arias stalks him, spies on him, breaks into his email, and enters his home through the back door while he is making-out with another woman. An abused woman would be far too fearful of performing this behavior for fear of being beaten or abused. Jodi Arias is lying.

To get to the truth it may help to swap genders. So let's say a man who was obsessed with an ex-girlfriend, who followed her and stalked her, who slashed her tires, and who murdered her by shooting her in the face, stabbing her up to 29 times, and slashing her throat from ear to ear. Now, how would we interpret this? I think it's clear that it would be the work of a psycho ex-boyfriend who murdered his ex-girlfriend because he could not have her and didn't want her with anyone else. That's the clear truth of the situation. Jodi Arias likely planned everything in advance. She probably was going to give him one last chance to take her back, to marry her, and to be with her. She had sex with him and might even have thought that he was going to be with her. At some point after the sex he probably told her that he was going to Mexico with another woman. She may have even asked him if they were back together again. Whatever answer, if any answer, Travis Alexander gave her it was obviously the wrong answer. She responded by brutally murdering him and concocting lie after lie in order to cover it up.

The sad thing is that at this point I do think she will be convicted but I doubt she will be given the death sentence. I think she will receive life in prison simply because jurors don't want to sentence women to death. I think it's a shame because if the genders were reversed then the man would be sentenced to death in a heart beat. But the claim that Jodi Arias is a victim of abuse, is a "battered woman", makes a mockery out of the "battered woman" defense. Women have fought years, even decades to have the battered women defense recognized as a valid defense and then people like Jodi Arias come around and work to destroy it.


  1. Doc, you got all of the right except not all battered women go to the doctor or call the law. Other than that you hit the nail on the head and no she was not a battered woman she holds her head to high. I know what I am talking about! Momma Starr

    1. Right. They don't all go to the doctor but many of them do call the police because I know that from actually hearing from battered women. What they end up doing is not pressing charges but they call the police to stop the abuser during a beating for example.

      But most abused or battered women have friends and family who know what is going on even if the woman doesn't tell them. One can only "walk into a door" or "fall down the stairs" so many times before people start to know what's happening.

      I'll blog on a disturbing experience that happened to me some time back involving a battered woman. Very sad story.

    2. Your talking to one so I know first hand. 8 years worth! Momma Starr

    3. So sorry to hear that. I'm so glad you were strong enough to come out of that.

    4. Don't feel sorry for me doc, I should have left the very first time it happened; but I was young and dumb. It's taken me 40 years to get where I am in more ways than one. My husband has been wonderful in helping me.It was a good lesson learned but the sad thing is a lot never learn and stay. Momma Starr