Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Psychic Impressions Of Jodi Arias

So let me get the basic stuff out of the way. I believe she is 100% guilty, that it was premeditated. I do believe she will be convicted and right now I lean toward her getting life in prison w/out parole. These are my opinions based on my intuition and common sense.

Now, the purpose of me writing this blog is because I do believe Jodi Arias will attempt suicide. Now, for those who are keeping up with he trial Jodi Aria claims she contemplated suicide a couple of times. I do believe she is telling the truth. However, I doubt she actually tried to go through with it. I think this was all in her head, a fantasy, a knowing and dwelling on it, the realization that "I could kill myself", which probably comforted her. Now, I believe that when she is convicted and especially after her appeals are exhausted, she will attempt suicide, for real this time. Now, if she actually receives the death penalty then I think that will most definitely send her off the edge and she will attempt to kill herself. I sense at least two attempts. The first attempt will not be as severe as the second attempt. I think she may survive both but the second attempt is a bit "iffy". It would all depend upon if she is discovered in time.

Also, if she is given the death penalty, which I'm not leaning towards, but if events do go down that path then one of her appeals will be very strong and may, repeat may, end up with a reversal, even perhaps a new trial. I say may because it's so far down the road on that path that I can't see beyond it, other than the emotion and "shock" associated with it.

Finally, I also sense that while in jail she has been writing her life story, as in a book that she believes when she is acquitted that she will get published. I also sense that Jodi Arias has always thought, until rather recently, that she will be either acquitted or it will be a mistrial/hung jury. However, on the last day of her testimony on the stand that is when I sense she has for the first time been so scared that she will be convicted.

Oh, and I sense that she is the type of liar that fully believes her lies. So when she claims it was self-defense and that she was a battered woman, she is not saying this stuff with the knowing in the back of her head that she is lying. She actually has convinced herself that it is true, even thought it's total lies.

Addendum: As I follow the trial I will post updates on if I think the jury will vote for death. I sense at the moment that the jury is conflicted, not as to her guilt, but as to whether or not they could give her the death penalty. I sense the majority of the jury could but I sense perhaps 4-5 jurors who are not willing to give her the death sentence.


  1. I was leaning toward murder 2 until I heard felony for murder 1 which would be life in prison. I think they could go that way or a lesser one. Premed evidence isn't enough to prove she premed anything but the word of Juan M.
    It's an assumption on his part to make the jurors think she did by using evidence that shows clearly a smart person would not do by having no paper trails of rentals, gas, food etc. Anywhere not just avoiding AZ. She used those cans after filling them up in UT. She had to by those receipts which showed it. They can't prove she stolen the gun and brought that and knife with her. It's their burden of proof. Now JM thinks he can say why she drove a white car-really? She still was pulled over so the theory is incorrect. Why dye your hair and end up with your hair in Travis home? No it was an escalated argument and got out of hand. She lost her mind of the sight of blood and went nuts and reality went out the door. This was a crime of passion or heat of passion (called differently) in AZ.

    1. Terry,

      Remember the premediation can take less than a second. If she at anythime knew or thought she would kill Travis, even if just for a fraction of a second, then it's premeditated.

      In order for it to be just an escalated argument or "heat of passion", Jodi can not at anytime think she will kill Travis. The second she thinks, "I'm goin to kill that son of a bitch for not wanting to marry me, for taking that bitch to cancun instead of me...", then it's 100% premeditated. But in a court of law it all depends on what can be proven. Luckily it's not 100% on what can be proven because the jury is constructed they are not to toss their brain out the window during deliberation. So when say a person lies about the gas cans then there is a reaon for that lie, possibly to cover-up premeditation.

      I personally think she is guilty of pemeditation murder. You can't claim self-defense when the victim's throat has been slit ear to ear. Doing so puts the killer in the position of control. Also, let's look at heat of passion. Can someone shoot someone in a heat of passtion? Sure. Can someone stab someone in a heat of passion? I would argue one can not UNLESS they just happen to have a knife in their hands. If that knife is not in their hands then they must make the deliberate choice to commit murder, as in must find the knife and pick it up. I've already established that slitting a person's throat is not self defense and thus it is most likely the other wounds are not self defense either.

      In conclusion I think it's pretty clear that once you realize the wounds are most likely not self defense but deliberate acts then that means Jodi most likely premeditated this murder.

  2. I think it was entirely premeditated on her end... the hair color change, the gas cans, the gun stolen, her cell phone turning off for 10 hours, that all points to premeditation. Like you said, it just had to be a "thought" yet she physically behaved in endless ways that showed premeditation. I am typically not for the death penalty but I make the exception in this case. She is disgusting, what she did to this man is sickening. Get this evil witch on death row.

    1. ...and the license plate turned upsdied down. Countless things suggest premeditation. I think she is a horribly sick person. She reminds me of Nichole Kidman's character in "The Others". In that movie she was completely in denial that she murdered her children. That's how Jodi is. She truly believes she waa abused and that it was self defense. That's how sick she is. I would not bat an eye if she was given the needle, nor would I shed a tear for her passing. She has made this "The Jodi Show" for far too long and it's time we remember the victim, Travis Alexander.