Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sex, Lies, And Audiotape - The Jodi Arias Trial

Warning: This documentary has graphic censored photos of the murder victim's nude corpse in the shower. Frank discussion of sexuality is also presented in the videos and in this blog entry.

Before readers may watch the documentary I think I should also give a very brief explanation of why I believe that Travis Alexander did some of the things he did. The first thing I want to talk about is his preference for anal sex. Travis Alexander was a very religious Mormon. Mormons forbid sex before marriage. I strongly believe that Travis Alexander's preference for anal sex was simply a loop-hole to get around the "no sex before marriage" rule. Of course it would also prevent pregnancy. Also, I think it's quite clear that he and Jodi Arias engaged in what would be called "rough sex". What two consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business. However, I strongly believe that Jodi Arias is now trying to claim this rough sex was physical abuse. I am greatly angered by Jodi Arias constant demonization of Travis Alexander.

Below is the questions the jury had for Jodi Arias at trial.

This will probably be my last blog entry on this case, unless it's to notify of her conviction and sentence. Watching her makes me literally sick to my stomach. She is a total ham for the cameras and acts like she is being interviewed for a job, rather than being on trial. I believe almost everything out of her mouth is a total damn lie. It is my personal opinion that Jodi Arias brutally murdered her ex-boyfriend due to jealousy and the classic, "If I can't have you no one will", attitude.  

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