Friday, March 8, 2013

So Sick Of The Jodi Arias Trial

I could literally tear my hair out. I'm so sick of this monster and her lies. I simply can not watch any more of her sitting there calm and normal and giving lie after lie. Then Jodi Arias said she didn't want to demonize him (even though she has done nothing but demonize him) and said that "he had passed away". He didn't pass away. It was not "his time". She brutally murdered him while he was in the shower, she shot him, stabbed him, and then took pictures of it. This monster can not be reformed. I know the death penalty is controversial but in this case if she was sentenced to death for her horrible crime then I would not contest it in the least. She is a total and complete monster. Of course these are all my personal opinion but I'm sure other people with a brain out there believe the same I do.

Edit: Sorry folks, I'm just really disgusted with this monster. She killed her ex-boyfriend, shot him in the head, stabbed him multiple times, and slit his throat ear-to-ear. She then photographed it. Her defense is that she was a "battered woman" and she continues to demonize him at every turn, even claiming he was a child-molester. It's all lies. This woman needs the ultimate punishment for her despicable actions.


  1. She will get the death penalty. I had a vision....I know it. She is also dissasociative. I am pretty sure this happened after she killed Travis. That's why she does not remember a part of what happened. She is a true chameleon. She will hide, change and adapt to whatever she has to in order to survive. But quite frankly, she can't morph the evidence or what she did to Travis. It is so sad.....and scary what she did to that poor man. I am not for the death penalty, per se, but unfortunately I don't think we have the technology or know how to rehabilitate an evil like she possesses. I can't say I wouldn't be relieved to

  2. See her learn through the school of hard knocks.