Saturday, April 20, 2013

Asking For Free Advice And My Opinions

Every week I get many, many emails from people who don't want to hire a worker but who just want to "talk to someone", if even by email. They simply want to ask for advice or opinions. Most of them write book-length emails and expect me to just donate my time for free for their situations. It's not going to happen!

For the past month or so I've been extremely busy, had a death a in the family, and all kinds of other drama I haven't discussed on my blog. Not to mention that most of my time goes to my paying clients. So I simply can not spend time on people who do not wish to procure my services and just want to ask me for advice. Again, I'm not talking about people who are looking for a worker. I'm talking about the people who make it clear in their emails they are not wanting to hire a worker and just want to do it themselves or want my advice or opinions on various matters in their life. If you want my advice or opinions then the best thing you can do is to schedule a reading. A 30 minute reading is $50. An hour reading is $100. That way we can discuss your situation and it's symbiotic relationship instead of a parasitical one.

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