Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day & Smoking Dreams

So today is Earth Day, a time to honor our wonderful planet and to focus on conservation efforts. This year the "theme" is "Climate Change", which I think is hogwash meant to impoverish the USA with new "carbon taxes". However, supporting other conservation efforts such as saving endangered animals and plants, stopping pollution, and even planting trees are good efforts. I feel really bad since I had to go lay some items at the crossroads today for a client. LOL The good thing is that I will only lay out stuff that is decomposable.

Now, for the past three nights I've been having dreams of smoking. In the dreams someone, usually a friend from the past, either pressures me to smoke or else I sneak out of the house and smoke. The sensation is like it was occurring in reality. Then as I wake up I feel really guilty for a while until it dawns on me that it was a dream. I've transitioned to vaping and threw away about 6 packs of cigarettes when I did, so I have nothing to smoke in the house. I'm not quite sure what the dream means, other than me perhaps longing for the good old days and the memories of smoking. However, I'm not going back. Last night I went to Wal Mart and the male cashier was a vaper. He pulled out his model of e-cig, an eGo twist, and we talked for a while. Now that I've transitioned I'm seeing it everywhere, which is good. So anyway the cashier mentioned that he still smokes. I was like, huh? Then he said he likes smoking and doesn't want to give it up. So I was really kind of perplexed and tried to get him to realize that that is what vaping is for, to transition off of "analogs" (cigarettes). Otherwise, it's not going to be a health advantage if one were to continue smoking and vaping.

I also went to the casino last night. I spent $65 and won $424. However, what really made my day was being able to go to the casino without smoking. That's like the ultimate test for me. In fact, next time I go to the casino I'm not even going to bring my e-cigs with me. However, this time I brought a disposable Blu e-cig with me. I got a few weird looks which was probably due to the blue light at the end of it. I got a few double-takes by some older folks.

Finally, I wanted to touch on how important it is if you are a vaper to vape openly in public. I know lots of vapers still feel shy about vaping in public, say like at Wal Mart, or at the mall, movie theatres, etc. The problem is that people need to see it to realize that it's okay. People will get accustomed to it the more they see it. Also, it will serve to draw in the smokers and motivate them to transition or at least try it. So if you are vaper, don't be shy. Bust it out in public.

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