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In this blog I would like to touch on such things as how to choose the right pendulum for you, how to cleanse it, how to identify it's movements, and how to wok it.  Before I begin I want to stress that you don't have to purchase you a pendulum. You can make your own. Back in the day people made simple pendulums out of a threaded needle or a threaded button. The reason being is that if you got caught with this nobody would be screaming, "witch!". Instead, people would have no clue that it was being used for divination. Likewise you can create a pendulum out of a variety of substances. You can make a jack ball. You can drill a hole through a favorite root. You can use a pendant. You can drill a hole through a nut or even a coin. There's just hundreds of ways you can make your own pendulum so there's no need to think that you must purchase one. In fact, if you are brand new to using pendulums I would rather you not rush out and buy you a fancy pendulum. Simply thread a needle on a string and dangle it and use that. With practice you will learn a lot and will be ready to move on to other, more expensive types of pendulums.

So the first step is to choose your pendulum. Now, I know one can purchase all types of really neat-looking pendulums online. The problem with this is that you can't feel-out your pendulum to know if it's the one for you. When you purchase online it's going to be a hit or miss. So if you have an occult shop in your area try them out and see if you can find a perfect match for you.

Now, the firs thing to look for is eye-appeal. The right pendulum for you is probably the one that catches your eye and announces it's presence. I'm not saying that "ugly" pendulums don't work. I'm just saying that the right one for you generally makes it's self know by catching your attention. It doesn't matter what the pendulum is made of. Nice pendulums are made today in various semi-precious stone, in various metals, woods, and even "resins"(plastic).

So you eyes quickly gravitate to one special pendulum. Place your open palm under the pendulum, assuming it is dangling in a display or else hold it and then do this. If you sense heat or a tingly, almost electrical feeling then this is the pendulum for you. Hold it in your hands. The pendulum that is for you will "feel right". Remember, pendulums are like stones or crystals. Not all of them will work with us. Instead, we have to find one that will. The same process goes for choosing the right pendulum.

Now that you have chosen the pendulum that is right for you, what next?  Well, many people want to take it home and immediately start to use it. That's not such a good idea. I would prefer cleansing and blessing it first. There are dozens of ways to cleanse a pendulum. I prefer the easier way of simply holding it under running water. If that's not your thing you can place it in salt, bury it in the ground, or place it in the sunlight to cleanse it as well. Now, please show caution. Some pendulums should not be cleaned with these methods. For example, if you have a silver pendulum you do not want to use salt or salt water on it as it will damage it. It will probably damage other metals as well. Some stones can not be put into the sunlight or it will effect the color of the stone. So do your research before choosing a cleansing method.

After cleansing the next step is blessing. You can pray over your pendulum, lightly dress it with a spiritual oil, pass it through incense, etc. Some people will even prick their finger and let a drop of blood fall on the pendulum to personalize it and keep it working for them. However, you can also get the same effect by simply keeping the pendulum on your body for several days. With time it will naturally become in tune with your energy. During the cleansing and blessing process if you want to name your pendulum you can. Or simply ask it what it's name is.

So now that we've cleansed and blessed the pendulum, it's time to use it, right? Nope! Before we can use it we have to learn it's language. Hold the pendulum up within your closed palm. Ask the pendulum to show you it's "yes" movement. Then drop the pendulum so that it dangles. This will give the pendulum momentum. Pay close attention to the movement of the pendulum. It may take a few seconds. When you think you know the movement then verify it. I will ask the question at least 3 times just to be sure. Then repeat the process asking for it's "no" movement, and then ending with it's, "maybe/mystery/ask again later" movement. After you have learned the language of the pendulum you can now use it in divination.

So how do we use the pendulum? Well, I recommend newbies to gather a pen and paper and go to a quiet area where you will not be disturbed. Relax and concentrate on your question. The question must be able to be answered with a simple yes or no. Right down the questions, the answers and your feelings. Keep this as a record. Refer to the record every now and then and monitor the accuracy of the responses.

Now, this happens to all pendulum uses. If you are not in the right frame of mind, such as being stressed out, intoxicated, extremely angry or upset, etc., then the pendulum is known to lie. The same thing goes if you are obsessed. If you keep asking the same question the pendulum will stop giving you the truth and will lie to you since that is what you truly want. So you must approach the pendulum in a relaxed state and you must be able to concentrate on the situation. Be as unbiased as possible and do not divine with the pendulum if you are obsessed. In these situations I advise both cleansing the pendulum and then doing a personal cleansing as well before trying again.

Now, this is only the basics of divining with pendulums. There are advanced things that can be done with pendulums, such as dowsing. However, that will be left to a future blog.

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  1. Did mine with an old necklace, pretty neat stuff :).