Friday, April 26, 2013

Sad News At The Occult Shop

So I went to the occult shop today to handle the business of the consignment stuff. That's when one of the workers told me the bad news. She was leaving and her last day will be on May 3. She has her BA and literally out-of-the-blue she met a man and the started talking and he offered her a full-time, salary job making real good money. So she took it as a blessing and took him up on the offer. She's been there since the 90s, possibly hired I think maybe a year or two after I started shopping there so something like 95 or 96. I will definitely miss her. So I'm going to do something nice for her on he last day.

Oh, and I was going to take some pictures and perhaps a video and post them on my blog but I forget my camera. Well, while I was there another customer was going around taking pictures. The employee (the one who is leaving), snapped at him something fierce and let him know that they don't allow taking pictures in the store. I was a little perplexed so I asked why. Well, it seems that people are coming into the store taking pictures of everything in order to rip it off. I guess some people have done that recently too. One woman even went as far as using the same name of the store but changing one letter! She even printed business cards using the stores exact same logo, "..a magical shopping experience". Then she had the nerve to call the owner and ask her to mentor her with her new shop that she was going to open a few blocks away! LOL Then another employee quit and stole all the vendor contacts and used them to start her own store. So they are real picky and no longer allow people to take pictures in the store. Shame. I'll see if I can sweet talk her into letting me do it though because I love the place.

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