Friday, April 5, 2013

So Pissed

I went to a local vape shop to pick up a bigger e-cig vaping model for use in my home I got to the shop and it was busy of course. A man and a woman advised me they would be with me shortly and offered me a seat. Fifteen minutes later they are still laughing and joking with a customer. I sat there and watched the owner shoot the shit with a man, giving him a can of mountain dew, exchanging stories, etc. Meanwhile 4 new customers came in. I sat there and watched them take care of each of those customers. The bitch put her finger up as if to motion to me that I would still have to wait and began helping the 4th customer. So I got up, kicked the chair and left. Now I'm going to write scathing reviews of them online. Total bull shit.

The good thing is that I then went to my local occult shop to pick up some supplies for a client. As soon as I walked in I saw an employee vaping so I was excited. She ended up telling me of another vape shop that she bought her's from so I will just take my business there I guess.

You know what really gets me about this stupid shop? They spend all of the time and attention on people who are only like buying one 5ml bottle of e-juice (like $5 or so) while those wanting to lay down major cash get treated like shit. I was willing to lay down $250 in products. Oh, well. Their loss.

Edit: Left scathing reviews as promised. LOL


  1. My dad has encountered this in certain vaping shops, too! It's almost like vaping has become the domain of the ultra-hip, like tattoo parlor/piercing shops and small coffee shops once were. If you're not a friend of the proprietors or don't have a certain "look", they don't care what your customer service experience is going to be like.

    If *I* go in a vaping shop with my dad, he gets waited on pretty quickly because they tend to think *I'm* the customer and he's just along or he's just the one paying. :/ It's a pretty crappy way to do business.

    Actually, the last time we went in the closest shop, the woman who waited on him was high as a kite. When he tried to complain to the shop owner, the guy all "yeah, dude, right on!" and my dad was all "no, no, no... I don't want to be waited on someone who gets lost in your storeroom looking for e-juice because she's smoked too much pot". The owner didn't get it.

    1. Crazy. Yeah, I published a scathing review of them on google reviews and then went back the next day to check my review and discovered that someone else had also published a horrible review of them right after I did.

      The thing is this is 2013 and we have the Internet. These shops might reconsider how they treat people because we can always purchase online.