Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring Fling 2013

Just got back from Spring Fling 2013 at my local occult shop. I love going there. I've been going since 1994. I'm going to have to take pictures and post them for my readers someday.  Spring Fling is a sale where when you buy one item then you get the next item of equal or lesser price half off. They do these types of sales several times a year. I normally go for their Halloween sale and stock up on stuff.  Let me tell you, the owner stayed up to 3:30am baking herbal cookies for customers. Man, where they good. I've never had herbal cookies before. I mean there were like lemon coriander, lavender cookies, cardamon, etc. I told her she needs to publish a cookbook with the recipes. There was also a masseuse, a crystal vendor selling some wonderful jewelry and stones, and there was supposed to be some one there for of entertainment but I guess they weren't there when I was there.

Interesting thing, the masseuse offered to give me a massage but I declined because I tend to pick up other people's conditions easily and especially when touched. But she seemed nice and I wished her well.

So I went knowing I was going to purchase a pendulum. If you ever shopped for a pendulum it can take a while because you got to find the right one for you. Well, I got down to two. One was a smoky quartz with a wolf pendant. The other was an amethyst with a triquetra. I immediate realized that the wolf one was male and the triquetra one was female. So I kept racking my brain trying to decide which one to buy when my little inner voice kicked in, "Get 'em both, dummy". LOL So I purchased both of them. My one with the wolf I'll use for my male clients and the triquetra one I'll use for my female clients. So when I bought them I was given all these extra goodies in the bag that jut made my day. I got a small baby-blue drawstring bag filled with semi-precious stone chips, two rose rocks (the official Oklahoma state rock), candy, a pen, incense sticks, and a 15% of card for my next visit. I was really impressed but then again I love this store.

I don't know if you remember me writing on this but a client gave me this HUGE box full of Wiccan stuff. I didn't know what to do with it. I mean, there's tons of statues, cauldrons, a Ellegua head, stone boxes, pentacles, and all kinds of other stuff. I thought about just selling them on my blog but realized it would be too much of a hassle with shipping. So I talked with one of the employees and so they are going to take them and will sell them on consignment. So I'm really happy about that. Saves me a lot of problems and hassles.

At one point I almost thought I was going to make a vaping convert. A former occult shop owner (her shop closed a few months back) was there giving readings and mentioned she had to take a smoke break. I brought up vaping and either she didn't hear me or willingly chose to ignore me but she walked right past me and out the door. Then one of the new employees I'm not familiar with came up to me and told me that they've been trying for a long time to get her to switch to vaping, as all of them had too. I was like, "Yeah, I love vaping and it's saved my life for sure.".

So I'm pooped out. Time for a nap.

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