Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Testimonial From A Client

This is Lana (fake name for anonymity). Lana decided to get an email reading with me and this is what she has to say about it.

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Good Afternoon All:
I am writing about my email from Doc and all I can say is that I was ANGRY! At first when I read my email only because I wanted closure to a situation BUT I wanted the closure on MY terms or MY way I wanted things to come to an end.
Doc's email reading was so very detailed and honest. Doc has given me hope and has provided me closure in my situation and how to move forward and also what to do when "people" start rearing their ugly heads again. I am step a head in this. I had a melt down this morning with God because of the reading (LOL) however, the Lord forgave me and I had to laugh about it.
Why because God has blessed me to come into contact with Doc and asked the questions that I needed to be answered. For me email readings work out for me better because I can always go back and look at it. When I can do a follow up reading in the future Doc and I can see together what has transpired since then.
I thank God for Doc for blessing me with taking my email and even working with me. I have clarity and insight on what I need to be done. I have email readings done before by some very good people and Doc's just confirmed so many things. Doc's email has also hit many nails on the head for my situation and all parties involved and I appreciated Doc for that. if you want the truth and will heed the advice given then Doc is your go to. Thank you Doc God bless you!

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