Saturday, May 18, 2013

$600 Million Dollar Powerball Jackpot Tonight!

You heard right...$600 million! I would strongly advise that if you can afford it to go out and buy at least 1 ticket. You don't need to purchase $100 or more in tickets. If you think about it all you need it one ticket to win and people have won the jackpot before by only purchasing one ticket. So there's no need to go crazy over this.

If nobody wins tonight drawing then the jackpot will increase to at least 925 million dollars, almost a BILLION DOLLARS! In fact, last year an expert stated in an interview that he predicted we will see a billion dollar jackpot shortly. I tried telling people this but they thought I was crazy. Even family members told me I was foolish for even suggesting that. LOL

So grab that rabbit's foot, four-leaf clover, or lucky dream book and go out there purchase a ticket! You could be a winner!

Here's a couple of my favorite lottery stories. A black cat helps a woman to win the jackpot and a dream convinces a man that he will win as well.

Good Luck to all! Win that dough!

UPDATE: One lucky person in Florida won the entire sum, thus does not have to split it with anyone else. If they choose the cash-value option that's about $300 million! Can you image say going from dirt poor to having $300 million over-night?

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  1. Wow! the lucky winner!! i've always seen myself winning the lottery - or being on one of the game show's... the closest I got was being on standby for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (they have 2 standby's just in case something happens to the contestants) - I got to do the rehearsals but I wasn't called up for the Actual show - so close, but yet so far... oh well, I live in hope some day my dreams will manifest...! :)