Sunday, May 12, 2013

Jodi Arias - Full Interview After Conviction

This is the full interview Jodi Arias gave right after being convicted of murder 1. Please note that Jodi Arias had set this interview up in advance if by chance she was convicted. Also note how Jodi Aria still continues to demonize the victim and continues to act as if she is the true victim. Not only does she imply she is being persecuted but also claims that it's the state's fault for the trial as she didn't want to go to trial. She wanted to plead guilty to second degree and only get a few years in jail. She also blames the state for the lies she made about Travis being an abuser and a child molester and claims that if there wasn't a trial none of this stuff (her lies) would have come out. Not one hint of remorse for her actions. She shot him in the head, stabbed him 29 times, slit his throat ear-to-ear, and continues to assassinate his character. She is a monster and I strongly doubt there is any hope of her being rehabilitated. She would be a perfect candidate for the death penalty. Jodi is suicide watch in a psych ward. The aggravation phase will begin on Wednesday. This will be followed by the Mitigation phase. If the jury finds that Travis Alexander's murder was exceptionally cruel then she will be sentenced to death.

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