Monday, May 6, 2013

Jodi Arias - It's Almost Over

UPDATE - 5/7/2013 - All the lawyers were at the court house this morning which caused many people to think that the jury was about to release their verdict. However, the defense lawyers just left so that would indicate that the jury has not yet reached a verdict.

Last Friday I told my family that the jury would reach a verdict on Tuesday sometime in the 11:00 hour. Well, I just learned today that the jury will resume at 12 noon my time tomorrow so if that original prediction is true or not it would have to be in the 11:00 hour their time. However, I'm not going to try to get anymore psychic impressions off of this. I'm getting to anxious and fearful she's going to get a lesser conviction. So I will no longer try to "psychiclly"-dip into the case and am just going to let it play out.

So I will stick to my original impression that Jodi will get convicted of 1st degree and will receive life in jail w/out parole. If by chance she does get the death sentence then I would be extremely worried about the sentence being overturned in the future and commuted to life w/out parole, or worse, the conviction thrown out all together.

But I will tell your right now that I worry about my mother. My mother has been obsessed with this case, watching it every single day. I'm afraid she's going go off the deep end when this whole thing is finally over. Every single day she talks about it, calls up people and talks about it, and it just consumes most of her day. It's not healthy.

Oh, and here's some more news about Jodi that will make your blood boil. The bitch's so-called "art", which has been selling for thousands of dollars now, is all copied! She just copied stuff from print ads in magazines! It's all copyrighted stuff and she is making thousands of dollars off of it because she hasn't yet been officially convicted. I hope she gets sued.

Here's a few pics that she copied.

Oh, and now Jodi supports battered women and is advertising "survivor" t-shirts. Please.

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