Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jodi Arias - More Psychic Impressions

So I was kind of pissed that I couldn't keep up with the Jodi Arias sentencing phase because of the tornado. However, I can say that I'm not surprised by the jury. I actually predicted 4-5 jurors would not be willing to sentence her to death. So it was no surprise to me. However, I did feel let down.

The thing about Jodi is that I could care less whether she gets death or life. I just want her to go away. But the thing that bugs me is if her life is spared she will continue with her lies of being abused and that the murder was self-defense. She will also continue to demonize the victim, as well as the Juan Martinez and even the jurors that convict her.

As far as further psychic impressions, here's goes.

At this time I'm still going with that she will get life w/out parole. However, if she gets death I strongly feel it will be overturned and perhaps may be granted a new trial. I don't know how this will go down since it's too far in the future and of course it's just a possibility at this time. (The way psychic stuff works is we see, or should I say that I see possibilities, so I can see down multiple paths and can ascertain which path will most likely be taken if current events proceed as they are now occurring.)

Now for some new stuff. I sense that Jodi will make some claim of being attacked or molested in jail. She will also attempt to have a book published in some form. I don't think this is the same book I talked about in the first post. It may be someone else who actually writes this book though. I also sense she is scheming of ways in which she can raise money and still be able to access that money, even though she was convicted. The suicide attempts are pushed back a little and won't manifest until things quite down and she no longer is getting the attention that keeps her inflated ego alive. The problem with Jodi is that she completely believes that she is fooling people with her claims of being abused. Her delusion is such that if she repeats it often enough that she believes people will accept her. She also feels that she is a role model for women, especially women who have truly been abused. I sense she will go as far as even contacting various real role models, perhaps even celebrities, in an attempt to have their genuineness "rub-off" on her. It would be as if she though that if she could get them to like her and side with her, than she would believe the public would likewise believe her lies.

Jodi is not prepared for a life without parole. She fully expects that she will one day get her freedom. However, at the same time she will never accept her fate and act in a manner we would expect. Jodi's mind is twisted and she comes up with very novel approaches to situations. So for example, if she can't currently do anything about her situation she will simply change her perception of it. So instead of viewing prison as horrible, she will simply view it as something done for her protection, to protect her from her haters, like she was a celebrity. That's how her mind works.

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  1. Wow. I had the same psychic impressions!