Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day

Today is May Day. For Wiccans this is what they call Beltane, one of their high holy days and a celebration of the return of life and nature.

For conjure workers, May Day is noted as the day one gathers dew before sunrise. The dew is then used to wash the face and body in order to maintain or restore youth and beauty.

Unfortunately we didn't have any dew this morning in my area. So that means I will have to wait until the first rainfall this month. Last year it actually rained on May Day, all day long. The rainwater is then gathered and used in the same manner. However, May dew is stronger because dew is "magic water", neither falling as rain or gathered from rivers, lakes, or streams.

Perhaps the most titillating method of performing this spring rite is to strip naked and roll around in the dew. If one were to do this I would suggest a very rural area and not a more suburban setting! One can also just wet their hands in the dew and rub their faces if they so choose. Otherwise the dew can be gathered by repeatedly throwing a cloth over vegetation until it is soaked with dew and then ringing the cloth out over a bowl to collect the water. The water is then bottled for use through the year.