Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Story Of Survival

As an Oklahoman, born and raised, I rarely get scared of tornadoes. Many of us rarely even seek shelter until we really know we are in danger. This tornado was different. We Oklahomans tend to laugh at those people who are not from Oklahoma who freak out over tornadoes. I know people from California who act like it's judgement day each time it storms. When you live here and grow up with it, you just get used to it.

I was on the computer when the t.v. was interrupted by a tornado warning for my county. I didn't even blink and just turned back to my computer. Then the sirens went off. I got up and looked out the window and saw debris filled the sky. I started to freak out. Within seconds the roar of the tornado could be heard. It sounded like a mixture of multiple trains and jets. Later I learned the tornado was headed straight for my home but a few blocks away it suddenly veered off. The tornado struck the end of my street. It knocked down all of the telephone poles, snapping them like twigs. As soon as the tornado passed I ran outside. Huge explosions from transformers blowing blew up into the sky like miniature atomic bombs. I've seen transformers blow before but never have I seen any as dramatic as this. They were orange, blue, green and purple. We then lost power.

Little did I know at that time that my niece was in her gym class when the tornado struck. It tore the gym apart. My niece was injured by falling debris. She sprained her hip and leg.

My sister-in-law worked at Plaza Towers school. She got off work one hour before the tornado struck. That was the school where 7 children died. Almost all of the school is gone.

I'm going to post some pictures but please know these pictures don't give an adequate portrayal of the damage done. It was far worse than it appears in just these photos.

This is my niece's school. I couldn't get a picture of where the gym was because it was in the back of the school and they put up fences so nobody could enter.

Our hospital. They said they put the doctors in a freezer to make sure they survived knowing they would be needed in the aftermath.

Our hospital

Our hospital

Our hospital

Our hospital

Our hospital

Our hospital

A 7-11 stood here. It just opened this year. It's completely gone. Several people died here, including a mother and her 5 month old baby who stopped here for shelter. They though they would be safe in the walk-in freezer but they all died. I can't help but think that if she just kept driving and had not stopped she and her baby would still be alive.

The 7-11

A vehicle outside of the hospital. The vehicles were so strange and twisted.

The 7-11


The Birth Of The Monster

The Monster As It Hit My City

This is the second tornado close-call I've lived through. The first occurred back in 1999 when a tornado struck Moore as well. I thank God I and my loved ones made it through okay. We still have cleaning up to do but most of it is already done on our property. Going without water and power for a long time helps one to definitely understand what our ancestors had to handle. I went for days only doing chores in the dark and reading on the porch. Thank God I had Momma Starr's 'The Conjure Workbook' to read! I read it on the porch over a couple of days. Also I want to thank God for only having one hot day during the time we were without power. I only really missed one night of sleep due to the heat. The rest of the days it was relatively cool at night.

Though we came out okay we did loose 2 fridges and 1 freezer of food. I'm just glad we survived. For those out there who donated time, money, and food to help my city I want to extend my thanks. You truly are our heroes.

When I toured the damage on Saturday I discovered that a house I used to live in back in 2001 is totally gone. A park I used to go walking at multiple times a week is gone too. We've lost so much and I still think a lot of people are still in shock.

I want to thank everyone who has been praying for me, my family, and the citizens effected by the tornado. I truly appreciate it. Because I don't have a shelter. If that tornado struck my home I would have died. Please continue your prayers for my city and if you are able to donate please continue to do so as so many families lost everything.

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