Friday, May 3, 2013

Reminder On Free Work

Free work is for emergencies only. An emergency is based on the situation, not whether or not a person can afford to hire a worker.

Let me add the following. It's pretty hard to claim that you desperately need help for financial reasons and can't afford to hire a worker when both you and your husband have jobs. I don't know why I'm getting a lot of these people as of late but I am. Please stop wasting my time by trying to get a freebie. If both you and your husband (or wife) have jobs you can afford conjure work. Usually what happens is these people want work for a better job, new promotion, etc., as if that counts for emergency work. It doesn't. You have a job. Therefore the wanting of more money is not an emergency. You got a roof over your family, food on the table, plus both you and your partner have jobs, = no emergency and you are just wasting my time.

I don't reward parasites.

For those new readers out there, please don't be offended by this blog entry. I do a LOT of free work for people who are truly in need. Unfortunately I get a lot of parasites who contact me looking for freebies as well. I want them to stop emailing me, that's all. 

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