Friday, May 10, 2013

Sylvia Browne Predicted Amanda Berry Was Dead...Of Course She Was Recently Found Alive

It doesn't bother me that Sylvia Browne was wrong. Psychics aren't perfect. Nobody is. What bothers me is that she charges so much for her readings. That's the rip-off part, her prices. In this example it should be stated this was a free reading and the mother of Amanda Berry did not pay for this even though the reading was wrong.

Sylvia Browne's problem stems from her being a 'celebrity psychic'. As a celebrity psychic she must portray herself as being more powerful that she really is. She can never say, "I don't know", "I'm sorry but I'm not getting anything". So she feels pressured into delivering something even when we real, down-to-earth non-famous psychics aren't afraid to tell someone when we are not picking up anything. Not all of the blame lies on her exclusively though. In the past when Sylvia was wrong before part of the blame lay on the the person asking the question as they tried to test her or purposefully withheld information as if they didn't need to tell her one thing and she was just supposed to read their mind and know everything. Real psychics are people. The stronger their empathy for fellow human beings is, the stronger the gift.

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