Saturday, May 4, 2013

Testimony From A Client

This is Juana (fake name for anonymity). Juana recently hired me for prosperity work and love-drawing work. Juana has already seen results and things are manifesting rather quickly for her and this is what she has to say. I've had to censor some things for her protection. Like with all my testimonials she has given permission to post.

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Praise God! I will give it up and surrender ALL to the Lord thy God! Let God work all things through!
No bad omens. God is on my side! I did a very powerful cleanse with lemons and limes for seven day's it was a scrub and I also had to smoke my whole body and cleanse our home and clean it out from top to bottom. I also had to do other things ---then I contacted you to do the love and prosperity work! When all things get released into God's hands life moves so much sweeter! My pastor's wife always says my "latter is gonna be greater"... I will relax and just Praise God for it all! Believe me Doc Conjure I am delivered from xxx and xxx ... Praise God! I am ready for God to bring in new things and for God to restore unto me ALL that was stolen and lost 100 fold!
God Bless and Thank you! I will be doing a testimony not right now though! I am writting things down of what is happening thus far from the work...
1. Guy across the street
2. Another job offer
3.Peace of mind
4.More men speaking to me.
5. Money coming towards me.
And I have not even receive the package from you just yet!
God Bless you

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I receive two child support checks ! Praise God! While you were doing the work! Please add this into the testimony
God Bless' xxxx

Okay, I want to touch on this because I get this a lot and people don't seem to know about it. Whenever you do love-work or have love-work done then one of the side-effects is that people seemingly come out of the woodwork and show interest. That's just a side-effect of the work. It doesn't mean you should hook up with the first person who makes contact with you but it does serve as an omen than things are on track. Remember to use your judgement and have fun during that time.  

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