Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tales From The Casino

I went to the casino last night. I didn't win anything but there was this elderly lady that sat right next to me who won like $5,200.00 and something on a $1.50 bet. It was on the King and the Sword, a game I refuse to play since I never win anything on it. She acted like she was having a heart attack. She actually busted out all of these pills and began to take them. Her hands were so shaky that she kept dropping them. I really was worried she was going to keel over. I put my hand on her shoulder to calm her down and kept telling her that even though it's a good win it's just money and there's no need to getting worked up to the point of stroking out. I even asked her if she needed somebody to walk her to her car but she said her husband was somewhere in the casino. Right after she won it the screen went black and this caused her to freak out even more. I had to repeat myself about a million times telling her that everything is okay that she didn't lose her win and that they are just going to reboot the machine. That's happened to me before. Once I won $2500 on a machine and the screen went black and I too thought I lost the win but they just rebooted the machine. What happens is that it repeats it over again. So like if you are on a bonus and the screen goes black, it will redo the bonus and you will win the exact same amount.

So that was a weird night because that is the first time I've ever seen that much won on a $l.50 bet. Normally when I bet like a $1.50 the most I will win is like $800 or so. Nevertheless, I still will never play that machine because I never win anything on it.

Here's the type of game the woman was playing:

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