Saturday, June 29, 2013

When Should We Do Enemy Work?

I get asked this question or a variant thereof from people who are not sure when is the proper time for enemy work. I even communicated with a young woman last night who was unfortunately in a situation where she didn't know if enemy work was the preferred method, if she should sit it out and wait a while, or if something else should be done. Judging when enemy work should be done can be problematic. I can only offer my opinion and give advice that I do in both my life and for clients.

The way I view it is that some people are going to be a nuisance for us. They are going to drive us nuts. Some people are going to piss us off so severely that we lose sleep and it just occupies our minds constantly. That's actually just a part of life. Then there are people who threaten harm and those who actually do harm. So when do we bust out the big guns?

Technically speaking anybody can do any work whenever they want, even if it's not justified. I would never recommend that but it can be done. As long as the person is willing to accept the consequences, such as that the work could be reversed back onto them. I personally don't sweat the small stuff. Even if someone pisses me off so severely that I lose sleep or my head explodes I still don't revert to using enemy work. For me at the very least you must threaten me. It can be threats of physical harm, threats of being run off my job, run out of the neighborhood, threats of breaking up my relationship, etc. So to me if there is a threat than enemy work automatically is a possible solution. The problem I have is that people wait way too long before acting.

I frequently get inquiries from people who were attacked, lost their jobs, homes, spouse, etc. and they want to know what's to be don't about it. When you wait for the damage to be done it's extremely hard to put the pieces together. I can't reverse time but the remedy would be cleansing, prosperity work, reconciliation work, etc. to attempt to reverse what had transpired and even then things may never go back to being exactly the same as the way they were before. That's why it's extremely important to identify threats and neutralize them immediately instead of letting that threat manifest and destroy your life.

Remember, enemy work is best described as offensive, contrasted to defensive, protection work. So it's going to work best if it done prior to the damage. After the damage is inflicted it becomes either revenge/justice work or work to help put the pieces together again. So the key to knowing when to perform enemy work is pretty much at the same time you identify there is a threat. Ladies, the second you feel that another woman is actively trying to steal your man, act! The minute you feel that one or more people at your work is trying to get you fired or force you to quit, act! Because the situation can change in an instant and your life can go from seemingly fine to extremely damaged real quick.


  1. wont it come back to you should you do protection spell or shield instead?

    1. No, it will not com back on you as in the belief of karma or the Wiccan Rede. If you are justified there's nothing to worry about. If it's not justified it can be revesed back to you. Protection work has it's place, both offensive and defensive. It's just that sometimes defensive protecion work alone is not good enough to stop someone who truly wants to destroy you or take what's yours.

  2. HI! THIS COLUMN IS WONDERFUL!!!! I just wanted to say that in the complete rede, which has been watered down, there is an allowance for defensive and offensive working. As an old teacher of mine once said, "witchcraft has lost its teeth" publicly. Sigh. The effects of 'Charmed'.