Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Was Jesus A Witch?

I agree with the uploader about Jesus. Jesus was not a witch per say but he was a magician, a conjure worker if you will. Many people believe Jesus went to Egypt and learned many mysteries. The reason why the Jews don't accept Jesus as the messiah is because they too view him as a magician. I disagree with the uploader's views on the origin of witches and witchcraft but I think she's spot on with regard to Jesus being a magician. If you are a Christian the concept of Jesus being a magician doesn't negate his role as Christ. It just makes it more interesting.

Bishop Slaps Witch

I'm at a loss for words.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Art Bell Returns!

If you were a fan of the original Art Bell Coast to Coast show of the 90's then this will get you excited. Art Bell is returning to radio with a new show called, "Art Bell's Dark Matters". The format will probably be the same as the original Coast to Coast show.

Radio's Art Bell returning with Sirius XM show

I can't wait. Ever since George Noory took over Coast to Coast the show has been declining. Lots of New Age nonsense was introduced and it just went downhill from there. Now it can go weeks without and interesting episode. Art Bell's the man and knows what made him popular, UFOs and Paranormal. Forget all the channelling Pleiadians and communicating with dolphins. Let George Noory deal with that!

Some classic Art Bell shows:

Roswell Crash - September 4, 1994

"Ghost to Ghost" - October 30, 1995

Harlot The Witch - October 23, 1997


Cantaloupes can surprisingly be used in conjure work. First off, let me tell you about my favorite conspiracy theory of all times. It's "The Cantaloupe Conspiracy". You probably think this is a cantaloupe:


That's what most people have grown up believing is a cantaloupe. Well, we've been lied to. That is not a cantaloupe. That is a muskmelon. This is a real cantaloupe:

Real Cantaloupe!

What happened is that a long time ago sellers of the melon began to think that they could sell more if they started calling the melons "cantaloupes" instead of muskmelon. Would you want to eat something called 'muskmelon'? Well, the practice stuck. Technically cantaloupes are only the smooth skin version grown in Europe. Muskmelons are the kind with the netted surface.

Believe it or not, cantaloupes are an aphrodisiac. Some believe they work better for men than women. So to employ cantaloupes in conjure work you can feed them to a lover. You can also use them in jar work and in spiritual baths. If you are going to use them in a spiritual bath just make sure not to use too much or you are going to get sticky. Cantaloupe seeds can also be used. Believe it or not, there is even Cantaloupe oil.

Cantaloupe also has a lot of healing benefits, for the heart, eyes, for fevers and illness, to help reduce heavy menstruation, and even toothaches.

Note: A couple of years ago 13 or so people died from eating cantaloupe. They died because of deadly bacteria that can inhabit the netted surface of the melon. Before eating cantaloupe please make sure to thoroughly clean the melon with an anti-bacterial soap. Personally, I hate cantaloupe. However, as a child I ate a lot of it. The last time I tried eating it I almost vomited. It's the smell that gets to me.

Monday, July 29, 2013


Grapes represent wealth, luxury, and prosperity. When I think of grapes I invoke mental images of the Romans feeding each other grapes while reclining on couches. My grandfather used to grow grapes. My grandmother once told me that back when she was a teenager that she and the other teens would sneak out and smoke grape leaves. I guess that was their version of rebellion! Grape leaves are even used as wrappings for various food items and eaten in many cultures. I know I've seen grape leaves for sale at grocery stores before.

Grapes can be used in conjure work in a variety of ways.

Berries - Grapes can be used in spiritual bath, though try not to over do it to avoid getting sticky, and can be added to jar work.

Grape Leaves/Stems - Can be used as a prosperity herb.

Grape Seed Oil - Can be itself or as a carrier for prosperity and money-drawing oils.

Wild Grape - Wild Grape is of course a wild grape. It can be wild crafted and used as a prosperity herb.It's one of my favorite prosperity herbs that I wild craft myself. (If you wild craft this make sure you offer something back in return and do not harvest the entire plant.) Note: Don't judge wild grapes by their fruit. Judge them by their leaves and vines because some species produce grapes similar to the grapes we cultivate and some do not. Most have weird berries that when you squeeze the skin will pop off. Some of the fruit look just like the concord variety and yes, you can eat them. Just make sure you are absolutely sure that it's a wild grape and not another berry.

Artificially Scented Grape Oil And Incense - This was quite popular in the 70s and 80s for gamblers. It can also be used in prosperity work.

Juice - Can be used in spiritual baths and jar works for prosperity. If using it for spiritual baths make sure not to over do it to avoid getting sticky.

Wine - Can be used in many works and used as an offering for spirits.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Testimony From A Client

This is Brynn (fake name for anonymity). Brynn had a reading with me this week and this is what she has to say about it.

----- Original Message -----
From: xxxx
Sent: 07/25/13 11:36 AM
Subject: Review 
Hi Doc,
Thank you so much for the reading the other day. Below is my review, hope it helps.. feel free to shorten it if you wish... as usual I have a lot to say when it comes to you... :)

I want to share my experience of the reading with any of your readers considering hiring you for work or booking a reading...

This was as 2nd reading with Doc, my first was a couple of months ago and during the course of the first reading Doc told me some things I wanted to hear (and some I didn't!)... before the call I was a little skeptical, but at that stage in my life I was desperate for help and was hopeful that I had come to the right place.

During the call I was very surprised at how relaxed Doc made me feel, and how easy it was to talk to him, he seemed genuinely caring and helpful, I was very impressed at how well he could read the situation so I decided I would hire him for the work I needed done.. however, my financial situation was such that I couldn't do so immediately.. During this time one thing that Doc had predicted would happen to me did come to fruition.

Then a couple of months later I finally got a job! - and my first mission when I got paid was to get the money together and hire Doc to do the work we spoke of previously ... so I did.. it was quite a bit of cash for me to send via post and I'll admit I was worried because I was sending it via international postal service. I needn't have worried though, because it arrived safely and Doc immediately emailed to tell me so we arranged a second consultation. The reason I wanted a 2nd consultation was to be sure that Doc knew exactly what I wanted to happen and to ask him about other issues that are bothering me.. ..

All I can say about what happened during the call is WOW!! not only did doc pick up on what was bothering me.. but was able to confirm this person is in fact an enemy and not a friend (I felt this myself) Doc was real specific and able to describe a "gift" i'd been given by this person, he knew that this person was involved in a theft at my home, (another suspicion I had myself, but could not prove)the only information I gave doc was the persons name.. I was shocked to say the least because he was spot on, Again, but relieved at the same time that I wasn't imagining things about this person, or being unfair in my opinion of them. Doc was also able to tell me what this person does concerning me and described their personality, he was so right.

Doc also mentioned something that was going to happen regarding my job... the very next day I got an email from a colleague telling me the exact thing doc told me would happen; I was dumbfounded - I didn't doubt what doc predicted one bit, but was surprised at how quickly it came to be.

I have had a lot of crap happen to me over the years and since my mom passed away 2yrs ago I have no one to turn to for help and guidance; I am alone except for my children. I am delighted to have found Doc, and feel extremely lucky to have him on my side, he has started the work for me and I have every faith that the results will be exactly what I want, I'm excited to have it done and cannot wait for the results. Doc is genuinely caring and dedicated to helping his clients - he even sent me a birthday card for my birthday! One thing that did strike me is he is far more caring and friendly than I imagined he would be from reading his blogs.. that's not a criticism, its just he is much more friendlier in person than what you read sometimes :) Oh, and I nearly forgot... because of Doc I gave up smoking after 25yrs!

I have no hesitation recommending Doc to anyone considering having a reading or hiring a conjure worker, in fact I would urge anyone needing help to give him a call, he really is the real deal. Do not worry about sending cash to him as he is extremely trustworthy. After this work is complete I will be hiring him to more work for me, I have every faith in him and trust him completely. He genuinely does care for his clients and is dedicated to helping them. I am truly blessed to have found someone to help me. God Bless you.

thanks for everything Doc,

Kindest regards

Full Moon Effects Sleep Quality

Thursday, July 25, 2013

King Tut's Sandals = Conjure Work!!!!

Here's a picture of King Tut's sandals. Depicted on them are two Nubian (black) slaves. This is not just for decoration. This is magic. This is domination work. By wearing these sandals King Tut would symbolically step on his enemies (The Egyptians and Nubians were enemies). Reference this to modern practice in conjure work of "putting someone under one's feet".

King Tut's Sandals

Putting Someone Under One's Feet

Another Employee Comes Forward On The Paula Deen Scandal

Dora Charles, the woman in the video above has come forward claiming that she has never heard Paula say anything racist but that Paula asked her to ring a dinner bell and believes that was racist.

Dora Charles doesn't stop there. She brings another woman into it. Dora Charles claims that Ineata Jones was made to dress up like a mammy. Ineata Jones has sense signed papers saying she has never heard Paula say anything racist and that she has never been discriminated against while working for Paula. Ineata Jones can be seen making biscuits in the video below.

Paula Deen denies making any of her employees dress up like mammys or "Aunt Jemima". Paula Deen counters that Dora is out for money.

I would just like to know when did ringing a dinner bell become racist? That action is associated with people who grew up on farms and is not something unique to times of slavery.

Meanwhile, while most of us were caught up with the Paula Deen nonsense the voter rights act was repealed. They sure as hell succeeded in causing a distraction, didn't they?

Update: According to a HuffingtonPost article, Dora Charles does claim that Paula Deen said racist things. The article also mentioned that Dora Charles was upset that she only made $10 an hour and was living in a trailer with rotting floors. Dora Charles filed a complaint and then received a pay raise. My question is, why does she think she has to work for Paula the rest of her life? Most people would be looking for a better paying job. I know I've worked some really crappy low-paying jobs with some very funny and nice employers but I just had to quit and find something else when they wouldn't give me a raise.

UPDATE: Here's an interview with Dora Charles.

People Smoking Dragon's Blood To Get High?

Another WTF? moment. Apparently this has been going on for a long time. People are selling dragon's blood chunks and calling it "red rock opium". People are actually smoking it! LOL

For one, it's pretty cheap and I bet the people who are selling it as a form of opium are making a killing. Second, don't smoke it! You will not get high and I'm guessing it's really not good for you. Crazy.

Opium Incense

Opium Incense can be used for confusion work and when you want to invoke the intoxicating effects of opium. For example, if you need to ask someone a favor and you know they are going to be very reluctant to agree with you, then opium incense may help throw them off guard a bit. It can likewise be used in domination work. Now opium incense does not contain actual opium and is more than likely going to be artificially scented. However, it can still be used for this purpose. If you want to make your own "opium" spiritual products you can do so by adding poppy seeds or even dried poppy flowers to a base mixture of incense.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Musk is a pungent pheromone or scent used by animals to both attract the opposite sex and to mark their territory. Therefore in conjure work musk can be used in both love/sex works and for domination. Musk is generally available in oils, incense, and powders (crystal form). Most musk today that is available for use in conjure work is likely to be artificially or plant-derived, instead of coming from the various animals that produce it. However, this should not deter anyone who is interested in using it. I use it in my working and have seen great success.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Tonight's Super Moon

Tonight is another super moon. It won't be as close to the earth as last month's super moon but it will be powerful no less. This will be three super moons in a roll as the full moon in May, June, and July are all super moons. I believe the first night was last night so tonight and tomorrow will count as the full moon is generally perceived to be three nights in length. You can collect moon water if you want, just leave out bowls of water at night and make sure to retrieve them before sunrise.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Prayer Request For My Family

My niece was just diagnosed with Lupus today. My sister mentioned that I and my niece were having some of the same symptoms, unfortunately some of the most severe symptoms that my sister was told was a possible symptom of lupus. The doctor told her to have me come in for testing. Then on top of that my mother admitted that my grandmother had it but she never told anyone and didn't talk about it. So if you could just keep my family in your prayers it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Edit: This is actually such a relief. If you are a reader of my blog then you may be aware that my niece has had so many health complaints this past 2 years. Everything from extreme fatigue, gastro-intestinal, heart problems, and strange infections. When she was hospitalized some months back they even tested her for HIV because they couldn't understand how someone could continuously get sick like this. Now we have an answer. Lupus is an auto-immune disease. And I'm starting to really think I may have it too. I rarely if ever talk about my health problems. But most of my problems do seem to be consistent with Lupus but I will have to get tested to know for sure. Please keep us in your prayers.

Days Of The Week In Conjure Work

Day    Planet    Color    Meaning

Sunday - The Sun - Gold/Yellow - New beginnings, cleansings, opening the way (what people call "road opening")

Monday - The Moon - Silver/Gray - Psychic abilities, emotions, occult forces, things hidden or revealed

Tuesday - Mars - Red - War, protection, enemy work, masculine concerns

Wednesday - Mercury - Yellow/Orange - Communications, business, travel

Thursday - Jupiter - Purple - Power, domination, growth/increase, success

Friday - Venus - Green - Love, sex, fertility and feminine concerns

Saturday - Saturn - Black/Dark Purple - enemy work, protection, banishing, reversing

Note: I tend to work with the days of the week for me and my clients. However, I don't let it stop me. If I got the spirit and it's time to do the work then it doesn't matter what day it is.

A Day At A UK E-Cig Shop

You can skip to about 6 minutes in.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

All About E-Juice

Okay, I'm going to write this blog because I'm getting emails on this from people who want to transition but have questions.

E-juice, a.k.a. e-liquid, is a liquid composed of nicotine in a glycerin base, usually propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin, and flavor. When the liquid is heated in the e-cig it vaporizes. The exhale of vaping appears like smoke but it is actually 99% water. The "smoke" is actually condensed water vapor, the same in clouds and fog. Water condenses around the particles of vaporized glycerin producing fog. It's the same thing that happens in a fog machine. Also, when a vaper exhales the vapor is cool and not warm like smoke.

All of the ingredients are safe. Propylene glycol is used in medicines and inhalers. Vegetable glycerin is used in everything from medicines to food. The flavorings used is the same flavorings used in candy and food. A small percentage of water or alcohol may also be used. The only dangerous substance in e-juice is the nicotine. However, it's only dangerous in high doses. Nicotine is what smokers are addicted to and vaping is an alternative method of obtaining nicotine. Nicotine is highly addictive and should not be used by those who are not already addicted to nicotine. Because nothing burns vaping does not have the tar and carcinogens that tobacco smoke has.

When a smoker is interested in transitioning they almost always want to know if there is an e-juice that tastes just like their fave brand of cigarettes. There are various tobacco and menthol flavor e-juices. However, one is not going to find an e-juice that tastes just like Newport or Marlboro for example. The best thing to do is to completely rid yourself of that tobacco/menthol duality. When we are smokers that's the only flavors we have. With vaping one can chose any of thousands of flavors that are currently available.

My best advice is for smokers to visit a vape shop in their area. Many vape shops will have a vape bar where one can sample the various flavors for free. This way one can know which flavors one likes prior to purchasing. If you don't have a vape store in your area then thing you need to know about e-juice is that there will be flavors you can vape all day long and flavors you can only vape for a short period of time. The reason being that some tastes are tastes we crave every now and then. Most people crave sweets all the time for example. Most people do not crave steaks all the time. The same thing will go with e-juice. For me, I can smoke flavors like peach, vanilla, berry, and cotton candy all day long. However, I also bought a bottle of "sin-a-bun" (cinnamon roll), which I can only vape for a small period of time before I get sick of it. Another good flavor like this would be bacon. Sure, sometimes we crave bacon but can you really vape bacon all day long? I can't. So keep that in mind. If you have doubts stick to fruit flavors at first. Most fruit flavors are of the type one can vape all day long and not get sick of.

Now, if you are not a smoker and not addicted to nicotine you can still vape. Just choose a 0mg nicotine e-juice, an e-juice without nicotine. That way you can vape with your friends and feel in on the experience. Some of these people who vape 0mg of nicotine e-juice do it to lose weight! Have a craving for cheesecake? -Vape! (cheesecake e-juice is wonderful!)

Now, to get the most flavor from vaping smell the mouth of your e-cig or cartomizer or tank frequently. You will be smelling the e-juice contained within. When you inhale let a bit of the vapor out and quickly breathe this into your nose. That way you will get the maximum flavor possible.

One downside to vaping is that if you continuously vape one flavor all the time your sense of smell will become immune to it in a way, meaning you wills top tasting it. If you switch to another flavor your taste will come back. So to avoid this keep switching between flavors and you will be fine. Myself, I like to rotate each day what I vape.

Finally, some words about safety. Some claim that getting e-juice on your hands is harmful as nicotine can be absorbed into your skin. The same thing goes for getting it in your mouth. The truth is that at the levels found in most e-juice it's okay. Now, if one had a bottle of pure nicotine used to create e-juice then the story would be different and one would never want to get any of that stuff on your hands. If you have any concerns you can always wear gloves and wash your hands immediately after exposure. Also, more and more suppliers are using bottles that have child-proof caps. When available purchase from suppliers that have these as this will help to prevent accidents. Store your e-juice in a safe place where no children can find them. Remember, most e-juice tastes and smell good. This is dangerous for young children who would be tempted into consuming it. So please use extreme caution.

I hope this helped and if you have any questions feel free to email me.

Why We Vape

This is a video from a vaping convention. I noticed on the wall in some of the shots is a sign about vaping stores from my area so I thought that was cool.

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Black Intelligentsia - Tough Love

Hey guys, below is a link to a blog entry for one of my friends and clients named Bonnie. Check her out.

The Black Intelligentsia - Tough Love

Eventually I will get around to putting a link to her blog on the side bar of my blog. So feel free to check her out and leave your comments for her.


I just wanted to post this to people who are protesting George Zimmerman being found not guilty. Right now people are buying skittles and an Arizona tea and are claiming that this is why Trayvon died. I'm asking everyone out there to stop doing that, to stop using the skittles and Ice tea as your solidarity to Trayvon. Please stop purchasing these items and using them as symbols for support of Trayvon. These items are used to make a drug cocktail called "Lean", which is similar to Purple Drank and it contains codeine, DXM, and/or other drugs. People have been going through Trayvon's FB account and online posts and have reportedly found several instances where he talks about Lean and talks about codeine. This is in addition to his use of pot and the accusations that he was a drug dealer (images of pot plants on his cell phone, along with guns).

I don't care what your opinion is. People can believe whatever they want to believe. To be honest, nobody's opinion counts other than the jurors. If you remember back to the OJ trial almost the entire black community believed he was innocent. Now almost everyone believes he was guilty all along. That's why I don't put much stock into public opinion, because it changes with time. So the opinion of the uneducated public who likely doesn't know anything about the real facts of the case means nothing to me. I've deliberately chose not to follow the case too closely.

It's time for healing. I'm doing a candle service tonight (Monday, July 15, 2013) at 7:00 PM CST.. I will be lighting candles for peace and the healing of the nation. If any reader would like to join in they can. If you want to time it to start at the same time then just take into account the different time zones. If you need suggestions I would recommend white or blue candles, you can dress them with olive oil you have prayed over or peace or healing oil, whatever you have available. I'll recommend passages such as Psalm 85 or other passages from the Bible on peace or healing. Prayers in your own words will always be acceptable.

God Bless and we will all see this through,


Friday, July 12, 2013


I was sent this video to help promote a new vape shop in Las Vegas. It's called YosiVapes. So if you live in Las Vega or the next time you are in Las Vegas, check them out! I'll try to give them a visit next year when I go to Vegas.

Stories Of The Supernatural - Curtis Kelley, Former "Voodoo" Practitioner

This is a Christian documentary on the occult. This episode deals with a man named Curtis Kelley who came from a family history of "Voodoo".

Note: Nothing this man claims is similar to the Voodou religion. Some of it appears to be hoodoo/rootwork/conjure but twisted into evil witchcraft. I have never heard of any spirit named "Big Face" in Voodou that tries to trick you into selling your soul. That is not a part of the Voodou faith.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Watermelon just screams summertime, doesn't it? 

The thing about watermelons is that nobody really knows how they got the U.S. Some experts believe that seeds were transported by slaves from Southern Africa. However, references to watermelons date  back to the early 1600s, with regards to Native Americans growing them. So just how they got here is up for debate. We do know they were very popular in Africa, Egypt, and into the Middle East due to their moisture content. Watermelons are also in the Bible.

Numbers 11:5 KJV
We remember the fish, which we did eat in Egypt freely; the cucumbers, and the melons, and the leeks, and the onions, and the garlick:

The high moisture content helped to compensate water consumption in hot climates. Here in the South, watermelon is a considered a summer treat and is consumed at picnics, cook-outs and other events. Now it can be purchased nearly year-round.

Watermelon can be used in conjure work in a few ways. The basic colors of green and red are important, with red for power and green for growth. The fruit gets it's name for it's high moisture content, thus it's "swelled" and this translates to prosperity. Below are a few ways watermelons can be used in conjure work.

1.) The Seeds - The seeds of the watermelon can be collected and used in conjure work as well. They are used in the same manner one would use any other prosperity herb. The only problem is that many varieties of the fruit today are seedless.

2.) Spiritual Baths - Watermelon can be used in spiritual baths. Just make sure not to over do it or else you will wind up sticky.

3.) In Works - A watermelon can be halved horizontally. One half can be eaten. the other half can have a portion sliced off from the bottom rind to stabilize it so it can stand upright. A slit can be made in the flesh and personal effects, petition papers, herbs, roots, and other items can be inserted into it. If one prefers one can drizzle syrup or another sweetener over the melon. One can then insert candles into the flesh and burn them. If one is going to use this method I would only recommend working this 1 or 3 days. Prolonged working of this will leave a mess and attract flies and gnats. Make sure to set it in a pan or container! When done take it to the crossroads.

If you can find watermelon oil, probably will be artificially scented, or other spiritual products you can likewise use them for prosperity.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

3 Months Smoke-Free!

Today is my anniversary of quitting smoking. It's been 3 months without a cigarette. I'm still in a state of shock after smoking 1/2 -1 pack a day for 20 years. Vaping is a godsend and e-cigarettes truly are one of the most fantastic inventions of our modern world. I just can't stop thinking about how many lives could have been saved if this invention was marketed back in the 1960s when a man first had the notion that they could be created. We had to wait until 2007 until a man in China was able to manufacture and sell his version before it took off. Like many people, I've lost so many loved ones due to smoking-related illnesses. It's just a shame but I'm happy I have quit.

One of the weird things I've noticed is that I keep having smoking dreams. I had one the night before last. In the dream I noticed I had a pack of cigarettes in my pocket so I took one out and started smoking. Then I realized how stupid I was for doing that. I felt so guilty. When I woke and for a fraction of a second or so, I still felt guilty like how could I have let myself do that. Then it dawned on me that it was just a dream. These dreams are so odd because in my waking life I have no desire for a cigarette at all. Vaping completely satisfies me.

This is my standard plea to current smokers. You can transition. It's easy. Vaping truly satisfies and I had zero withdrawal symptoms. The only thing you are missing is the cancer-causing tar. So if you are a smoker please give it a try. It will save your life. If you want to quit completely you can just slowly step down in nicotine strength. Start out like a month at 24mg of nicotine, the next month at 18mg, and then continue to decrease. Sooner than you realize you will be at 0mg and can then successfully quit completely. Even if you have no desire to quit completely vaping is still far healthier than smoking cigarettes. And if you are a cigar or pipe smoker there are e-cigars and e-pipes you can use. Once you make the switch you are likely never to go back to analogs ever again.

If you are looking for a place to start I would advice purchasing an eGo C Twist starter kit. You can start with the cig-a-likes, the one that resemble cigarettes, if you want. That's where I started but I just totally love my eGo C Twist. The batteries last for 2 days for me, longer for people who don't vape that much. I recommend getting the kit that has 2 1000mah batteries. Here at the vape store I go to this kit comes with 2 1000mah batteries, a carrying case, a charger, a CE4 clearomizer, and a 10ml bottle of e-juice in the flavor and nicotine strength of your choice. The price is $90. I would also recommend purchasing an additional 2 bottles of e-juice just so you aren't rushing back to the store so soon for more.

I love the eGo C Twist way better than the cig-a-likes. And in the future I'm going to be venturing into mixing my own e-juice so this will help to even further reduce the cost of vaping. Already vaping is far less expensive than smoking cigarettes.

So if you are a smoker and are thinking of making the switch, you have lots of company! You can even shoot me an email if you like. I've already received perhaps a dozen or so emails from smokers who want to take the plunge and be rid of cigarettes for good. Transitioning is easy and simple and you will most likely love it.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


It's interesting that in today's society playing "redface", a white dressing up and playing a Native American, is still considered acceptable. I was going to post something about this a few weeks ago. But the Paula Deen scandal pretty much stole the spotlight. I was going to let it go but I was attacked by white people on another forum over this. From what I can tell, most white people think it's perfectly fine for a white person to play a Native American. I find this so odd because most white people would agree that to play "blackface" would be incredibly racist. Why do white people not understand that "redface" isn't acceptable either? On the other forum all I got was, "Depp's part Cherokee". Like that counts. Tonto was not 1/16 or even 1/8 Native. He was Native all the way. I just don't see why people can't see this is wrong. And I'm not attacking Johnny Depp as I like him as an actor. It's just that when a role calls for a full-blooded Indian, cast an Indian. It's just that simple. The problem is that Native Americans are not as vocal as say black people are with regard to this crap. I don't want to go into it here but many Indians did whatever they could to fit into white society. I'll just end it here. Oh, and just for the record even if I was offered a role to play a native I would turn it down because even though I'm mixed I don't look native enough. I would not be able to properly portray a full-blooded because I'm not full-blooded. I would turn it down in hopes that a real, full-blooded native could play the role. But that's just me.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Testimony From A Client

This is Benita (fake name for anonymity). Benita hired me for prosperity work and love work. This is what she has to say about it.

----- Original Message -----
From: xxxx
Sent: 07/08/13 04:39 PM
Subject: My testimony
Okay Doc....
I wanted to say thank you for the encouragement! Thank you for just saying the right things. I wanted to come and give God the Glory right here I did a bath Prosperity Bath not to long ago. Doc gave me a reading way before I contacted him for any type of work. In the email, he said I would be working for a company for a very short period of time this summer. Well, I picked up my check from said company Doc knows whom I work for and sure enough I have Zero hours this week...
Now, I did my bath, two weeks after I did my Prosperity bath I was recommend for another job for the summer. So, the other job was just a "hold over" job until this one showed up. Money is coming into the house and ALL the bills are paid and I have been receiving unexpected checks and just gifts of money from people. 
I just wanted to Give God the Glory! I wanted to say God Bless you Doc Conjure! I will keep you posted I did another bath for something else and I am just going to say this I will keep you posted on that as well. I am in anticipation of that manifestation so that I can give my testimony on the other bath I done as well!
God Bless you Doc Conjure
Thank you!

Curses And Bindings: How And Why They Work

This video is from a satanist but the information provided is very good. I especially like the part about how the right person will always be effected by the curse, even if it's the one doing the cursing. I also like that Rev. John warns people about innocent casualties because a lot of people still don't realize that when people are throwing for other people that innocent people can and will get hurt if they are at the wrong place at the wrong time. Also, one more thing, and I can honestly tell you I've seen this go on with my own eyes. There are people who will shield themselves with people to use as a buffer zone of protection. So they will be throwing at other people but at the same time they surround themselves with people to protect them. So those poor saps have no clue they are taking the hits for that person. Don't underestimate the sneakiness of people.

Woman Calls Police, Claims Someone Left Voodoo Items Near Her Car And Home

A woman called 911 to report the find of "voodoo items" near her car and home.

Police Report - 6-21-13; A woman said someone left several “voodoo” items near her vehicle and home.

Sounds like someone got cursed and crossed up!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Jodi Arias - Dirty Little Secret (2013)

For those that missed it, somebody uploaded the movie to YouTube.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Warning For Vapers

This is a heads-up for fellow vapers and for smokers who are thinking about transitioning to vaping. RJ Reynolds, the big tobacco company, has released a new e-cig called VUSE. RJ Reynolds is working with the FDA. The theory is they want the FDA to implement draconian legislation that would pretty much force vapers to purchase their products alone. Worse still, VUSE does not list it's ingredients. This translates into a conspiracy of sorts. Some actually go further and claim it is a genuine conspiracy of a big tobacco company wanting to destroy vaping to force vapers back to smoking cigarettes.

The conspiracy goes like this. RJ Reynolds wants the FDA to implement changes that only a company with their vast wealth could implement, eliminating all competition. Such changes could include; making the sale of e-juice illegal, banning of all models other than the cig-a-likes, banning all flavors except tobacco and menthol, and forcing vapers to not only buy the cig-a-like models but to also purchase pre-filled cartomizers or cartridges. In an effort to help push the FDA into such action they release their own "trojan horse" e-cig that they freely market as a tobacco product and without listing the ingredients. Therefore, FDA steps in because they list it as a tobacco product, do tests, and determine it contains toxic chemicals or the same chemicals that a cigarette contains, thus BOOM! The FDA enacts it's alleged restrictions and the entire vaping world is destroyed overnight.

Is this just a crazy conspiracy theory? Just know that e-cigs were first invented in the 1960s. Why didn't they hit the market then? Why did we have to wait until a Chinese man invented his model in 2007 or so? Think of all the people that died from smoking in the meantime. I personally would never purchase VUSE. Pass it on.

A comment on this video that I found quite apt:

"Vapers, this is the face of the enemy. See it very well and mark it."

Tip For Vapers

I hope all my readers had a wonderful July 4th holiday. I had a cook out, had some home-made ice cream and watched fire works. Tonight I'm supposed to have a repeat at my brother's house but I don't know if I will go or not.
Today I thought I would share a tip with vapers and smokers interested in transitioning. This tip will help cut down the cost of vaping even further. Already vaping is far cheaper than smoking. This will just help the cost go even lower.
E-juice or e-liquid is the names given to the nicotine-based liquids that we use in vaping. Some people even call it "oil" but it's not oil. It's a glycerin-based liquid and usually contains a mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin with nicotine and flavorings added. Some blends are pure propylene glycol and some blends are pure vegetable glycerin.
In order to save money one can cut a bottle of e-juice with vegetable glycerin. Vegetable glycerin can be purchased at many stores. Wal Mart carries it in the pharmacy section. To cut the bottles one will need to purchase a bottle of vegetable glycerin. They run about $3. Make sure it has "USP" written on it as this means it's food-grade, the kind used in making e-juice. One will also need one or more bottles of e-juice. These can be purchased from vaping shops or online. One will also need an empty e-juice bottle These can be bought separately online or else one may be able to purchase these from a vape shop. Just ask an employee. I save my empty bottles so I have a stash to use. Starting out I would recommend purchasing the highest level of nicotine e-juice, which is normally 24mg at most vape shops. This way when cut it will give you 2 bottles of 12mg e-juice. If you want you can purchase higher-strength e-juice online. I've seen anywhere from 32mg up to 50mg. So cutting them will give you half that amount.  So to cut it one will simply divide the e-juice up in two empty bottles and then top it off with vegetable glycerin and shake. It's just that easy. There is only one downside to using this method. When you cut e-juice you of course will weaken the flavor. So keep that in mind. Otherwise this is a really easy trick that vapers can use to save even more money. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th Of July!

Wishing All Of My Readers A Wonderful July 4th!

Testimony From A Client

This is Rosa (fake name for anonymity). Rosa hired me for work back in May. This is what she has to say.

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From: xxxx
Sent: 07/04/13 01:01 AM
Subject: Re: hire 
the work Doc has done for me was fast and everything began to get better for me within just a couple of days after i hired Doc to do the work for me. all i had to do was send what he asked me to send him. things started to really turn around for me and things are still going good thanks to Doc. Thank You so very much.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

TJSotomayor In Moore, OK, 1 Day After Tornado

I had no idea Tommy was here just 1 day after the tornado struck. Man, I listen to him all the time and that pissed me off I couldn't meet him. For those of you who don't know him, he's a radio show host and comedian. He's also very controversial for his criticism of certain black women. But he's funny as hell and he leaves me either laughing so hard I'm crying or I'll bust up laughing just thinking about something he said hours later. Not all of his stuff is comedy. Some of it is very serious in nature.

Here's some examples of his stuff, just remember that he's controversial and he uses language some may find offensive:

Also, I forgot to mention that the last time I was the casino I ran into some casino friend, a nice couple named Jeff and Jana. Well, they lost their home in the tornado. They said they were lucky enough to salvage about 80% of their belongings though.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Testimony From A Client

This is TJ (fake name for anonymity). TJ has been a regular client with me for a little over a year. He recently hired me for love work to strengthen his current relationship. This is what he has to say about it.

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From: xxxx
Sent: 07/02/13 03:17 PM
Subject: Re: Picture

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Thank for completing the love work for me. For alll of you that doesn't know "Doc" is the real deal..... I have been working with him for over a year and he has come thru with all his promises.
I had him do a love work for me and my current girlfriend so that we can BUILD more love and passion in our relationship.
After two weeks my girlfriend told me since she has felt like our relationshimp has improved a lot. And funny thing I was feelng the same way ? Our relationship has been very loving and warm. And she has been very affectionatte towards me. Im am so convinced by docs good work that I plan to do the doll work so that we can be even more tighter.
In conlusion If your already in a relationship u can do this lovework to enhance the relationship and dollwork to keep her faithful.

Monday, July 1, 2013

My New eGo Kit!

Got back from the The Vapor Hut and purchased my first eGo kit. The guy who checked me out said he knew me. He said we went to Jr. High together but I barely remember him. Weird how that happens. The kit is really cool. I got the 1000 mah battery which the guy said would last 12 hours. However, my sister-in-law's mother (Anita) says that it will actually last me days. It comes with a disposable tank and this other woman said it would last up to 2 weeks but Anita said it would last up to a month.

I love it! It came with a charger and a 10ml bottle of e-juice. I also bought a case, some cartomizers, and two more 10ml bottles of e-juice to go with it. The only thing I don't like is that it's not really something that you can tote around with you, at least for guys. Women can just throw this in their purse but men are going to have some difficulties trying to take it places because it's too big for the pockets. Other than that it's wonderful. I purchased everything you see her for like $89 bucks but if you take off the cartomizers and extra e-juice it would run you $60.

For those who are wondering if this is cheaper than smoking cigarettes the answer is yes. Also, these three bottles of e-juice will last me not quite 3 months. But it all depends on how much you vape. I do plan on purchasing extra batteries in the future. It also takes about 3-4 hours to charge these batteries when they are dead.

This is my passthrough. You just plug it directly into your computer and vape. You don't need to worry about charging your battery. If you have a car adaptor you can also use this in the car. It uses 808 cartomizers. I like it because I'm always on the computer.

This is my Blu kit. I've outgrown it and mostly just use it while running errands or what not. I also use it as a back up if the power goes off.

These are my favorite disposable e-cigs. I use these if I'm going to the club or the casino. The black one is the Blu disposable. It's great because this will last for days, depending on how much you vape. The white one is the Njoy Kings. As you can see it comes in this plastic flip-top box that is similar to a zippo lighter. The actual e-cig looks just like a ciarette and it tastes better than the Blu disposable. The only problem is that it doesn't last as long. You can tell how long an e-cig will last by it's battery. Blue disposables last me about 3-4 days. The Njoy Kings last about 1-2 days. But this all depends on how much you vape.  Because the Njoy King is smaller it will of course not last that long compared to larger e-cigs.

So there you have it. That's my vaping equipment that I have so far. I think this is good to show new vapers that you are likely not going to just buy one kit or model and stick with that the rest of your life. You will outgrow models and move on to to other things. Also, it is a good thing to have multiple models because if something goes wrong, if there's a power outage, whatever, it's good to have back-up to prevent you from going back to smoking a real cigarette again.

If you are a current smoker you can transition to vaping with ease. July 10th will be 3 months without a cigarette for me. That's insane amount of time to go without smoking a cigarette, especially as I smoked for 20 years. I had zero withdrawal symptoms and I have never relapsed. I just knew from the moment I first tried it that I would never go back to smoking cigarettes again. In fact, cigarette smoke makes me sick now. When I go to the casino I gag when a person next to me is smoking. So I definitely would recommend that all smokers transition. The only thing you will be missing is the cancer-causing tar and I seriously doubt you love cancer-causing tar so much that it's the only reason why you aren't quitting. If you are a smoker and have questions about transitioning to vaping feel free to shoot me an email at I would be happy to answer any questions I am able as transitioning to vaping will save your life.