Wednesday, July 17, 2013

All About E-Juice

Okay, I'm going to write this blog because I'm getting emails on this from people who want to transition but have questions.

E-juice, a.k.a. e-liquid, is a liquid composed of nicotine in a glycerin base, usually propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin, and flavor. When the liquid is heated in the e-cig it vaporizes. The exhale of vaping appears like smoke but it is actually 99% water. The "smoke" is actually condensed water vapor, the same in clouds and fog. Water condenses around the particles of vaporized glycerin producing fog. It's the same thing that happens in a fog machine. Also, when a vaper exhales the vapor is cool and not warm like smoke.

All of the ingredients are safe. Propylene glycol is used in medicines and inhalers. Vegetable glycerin is used in everything from medicines to food. The flavorings used is the same flavorings used in candy and food. A small percentage of water or alcohol may also be used. The only dangerous substance in e-juice is the nicotine. However, it's only dangerous in high doses. Nicotine is what smokers are addicted to and vaping is an alternative method of obtaining nicotine. Nicotine is highly addictive and should not be used by those who are not already addicted to nicotine. Because nothing burns vaping does not have the tar and carcinogens that tobacco smoke has.

When a smoker is interested in transitioning they almost always want to know if there is an e-juice that tastes just like their fave brand of cigarettes. There are various tobacco and menthol flavor e-juices. However, one is not going to find an e-juice that tastes just like Newport or Marlboro for example. The best thing to do is to completely rid yourself of that tobacco/menthol duality. When we are smokers that's the only flavors we have. With vaping one can chose any of thousands of flavors that are currently available.

My best advice is for smokers to visit a vape shop in their area. Many vape shops will have a vape bar where one can sample the various flavors for free. This way one can know which flavors one likes prior to purchasing. If you don't have a vape store in your area then thing you need to know about e-juice is that there will be flavors you can vape all day long and flavors you can only vape for a short period of time. The reason being that some tastes are tastes we crave every now and then. Most people crave sweets all the time for example. Most people do not crave steaks all the time. The same thing will go with e-juice. For me, I can smoke flavors like peach, vanilla, berry, and cotton candy all day long. However, I also bought a bottle of "sin-a-bun" (cinnamon roll), which I can only vape for a small period of time before I get sick of it. Another good flavor like this would be bacon. Sure, sometimes we crave bacon but can you really vape bacon all day long? I can't. So keep that in mind. If you have doubts stick to fruit flavors at first. Most fruit flavors are of the type one can vape all day long and not get sick of.

Now, if you are not a smoker and not addicted to nicotine you can still vape. Just choose a 0mg nicotine e-juice, an e-juice without nicotine. That way you can vape with your friends and feel in on the experience. Some of these people who vape 0mg of nicotine e-juice do it to lose weight! Have a craving for cheesecake? -Vape! (cheesecake e-juice is wonderful!)

Now, to get the most flavor from vaping smell the mouth of your e-cig or cartomizer or tank frequently. You will be smelling the e-juice contained within. When you inhale let a bit of the vapor out and quickly breathe this into your nose. That way you will get the maximum flavor possible.

One downside to vaping is that if you continuously vape one flavor all the time your sense of smell will become immune to it in a way, meaning you wills top tasting it. If you switch to another flavor your taste will come back. So to avoid this keep switching between flavors and you will be fine. Myself, I like to rotate each day what I vape.

Finally, some words about safety. Some claim that getting e-juice on your hands is harmful as nicotine can be absorbed into your skin. The same thing goes for getting it in your mouth. The truth is that at the levels found in most e-juice it's okay. Now, if one had a bottle of pure nicotine used to create e-juice then the story would be different and one would never want to get any of that stuff on your hands. If you have any concerns you can always wear gloves and wash your hands immediately after exposure. Also, more and more suppliers are using bottles that have child-proof caps. When available purchase from suppliers that have these as this will help to prevent accidents. Store your e-juice in a safe place where no children can find them. Remember, most e-juice tastes and smell good. This is dangerous for young children who would be tempted into consuming it. So please use extreme caution.

I hope this helped and if you have any questions feel free to email me.


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  2. The first few weeks of vaping was a weird experience for me because I kept looking for that regular cigarette flavor. I ended up trying a bunch and now rotate every couple of days or whenever I have a craving for a certain flavor. Recently found one that was butterscotch. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth!

    1. I like butterscotch. I also enjoy cotton candy and yellow cake batter flavors.

  3. When I started out, I always had one bottle that was tobacco-flavored. It’s for those times that I’m really craving for the old way. And I must say, it really worked. I still order one from time to time, but I’m not dependent on that particular method anymore. Have a good one!

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  5. Going to a vape bar to try it out is probably the best way in figuring out if you’re welcome to the idea of switching to e-cigs. If you’re particularly interested in choosing a tobacco flavor, note that it might taste lighter than what you’re used to, since you’re not inhaling an actual burning stick but inhaling vapor. Some might complain about the smoke you blow out, but over time I actually found that normal cigs emit too much smoke as compared to what I’m used to in e-cigs. And the fact that I can smoke them indoors with no worries is certainly a big plus.

    Madeline @ Nidor Vapor Bar

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  7. can a non smoker get addicted to vaping even though they are using 0mg ejuice?

    1. No. The only substance that is addictive is nicotine and if you are vaping 0mg e-juice then there's no nicotine in it.