Thursday, July 25, 2013

Another Employee Comes Forward On The Paula Deen Scandal

Dora Charles, the woman in the video above has come forward claiming that she has never heard Paula say anything racist but that Paula asked her to ring a dinner bell and believes that was racist.

Dora Charles doesn't stop there. She brings another woman into it. Dora Charles claims that Ineata Jones was made to dress up like a mammy. Ineata Jones has sense signed papers saying she has never heard Paula say anything racist and that she has never been discriminated against while working for Paula. Ineata Jones can be seen making biscuits in the video below.

Paula Deen denies making any of her employees dress up like mammys or "Aunt Jemima". Paula Deen counters that Dora is out for money.

I would just like to know when did ringing a dinner bell become racist? That action is associated with people who grew up on farms and is not something unique to times of slavery.

Meanwhile, while most of us were caught up with the Paula Deen nonsense the voter rights act was repealed. They sure as hell succeeded in causing a distraction, didn't they?

Update: According to a HuffingtonPost article, Dora Charles does claim that Paula Deen said racist things. The article also mentioned that Dora Charles was upset that she only made $10 an hour and was living in a trailer with rotting floors. Dora Charles filed a complaint and then received a pay raise. My question is, why does she think she has to work for Paula the rest of her life? Most people would be looking for a better paying job. I know I've worked some really crappy low-paying jobs with some very funny and nice employers but I just had to quit and find something else when they wouldn't give me a raise.

UPDATE: Here's an interview with Dora Charles.

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