Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Cantaloupes can surprisingly be used in conjure work. First off, let me tell you about my favorite conspiracy theory of all times. It's "The Cantaloupe Conspiracy". You probably think this is a cantaloupe:


That's what most people have grown up believing is a cantaloupe. Well, we've been lied to. That is not a cantaloupe. That is a muskmelon. This is a real cantaloupe:

Real Cantaloupe!

What happened is that a long time ago sellers of the melon began to think that they could sell more if they started calling the melons "cantaloupes" instead of muskmelon. Would you want to eat something called 'muskmelon'? Well, the practice stuck. Technically cantaloupes are only the smooth skin version grown in Europe. Muskmelons are the kind with the netted surface.

Believe it or not, cantaloupes are an aphrodisiac. Some believe they work better for men than women. So to employ cantaloupes in conjure work you can feed them to a lover. You can also use them in jar work and in spiritual baths. If you are going to use them in a spiritual bath just make sure not to use too much or you are going to get sticky. Cantaloupe seeds can also be used. Believe it or not, there is even Cantaloupe oil.

Cantaloupe also has a lot of healing benefits, for the heart, eyes, for fevers and illness, to help reduce heavy menstruation, and even toothaches.

Note: A couple of years ago 13 or so people died from eating cantaloupe. They died because of deadly bacteria that can inhabit the netted surface of the melon. Before eating cantaloupe please make sure to thoroughly clean the melon with an anti-bacterial soap. Personally, I hate cantaloupe. However, as a child I ate a lot of it. The last time I tried eating it I almost vomited. It's the smell that gets to me.


  1. This is very interesting Doc. Here in Australia, they are called 'rock-melons' and the smell, like the smell of mangoes, gets to me too!

    1. Hey Aphrodite. That's interesting. Yeah, I don't like them. Feel free to follow the blog if you like.