Monday, July 29, 2013


Grapes represent wealth, luxury, and prosperity. When I think of grapes I invoke mental images of the Romans feeding each other grapes while reclining on couches. My grandfather used to grow grapes. My grandmother once told me that back when she was a teenager that she and the other teens would sneak out and smoke grape leaves. I guess that was their version of rebellion! Grape leaves are even used as wrappings for various food items and eaten in many cultures. I know I've seen grape leaves for sale at grocery stores before.

Grapes can be used in conjure work in a variety of ways.

Berries - Grapes can be used in spiritual bath, though try not to over do it to avoid getting sticky, and can be added to jar work.

Grape Leaves/Stems - Can be used as a prosperity herb.

Grape Seed Oil - Can be itself or as a carrier for prosperity and money-drawing oils.

Wild Grape - Wild Grape is of course a wild grape. It can be wild crafted and used as a prosperity herb.It's one of my favorite prosperity herbs that I wild craft myself. (If you wild craft this make sure you offer something back in return and do not harvest the entire plant.) Note: Don't judge wild grapes by their fruit. Judge them by their leaves and vines because some species produce grapes similar to the grapes we cultivate and some do not. Most have weird berries that when you squeeze the skin will pop off. Some of the fruit look just like the concord variety and yes, you can eat them. Just make sure you are absolutely sure that it's a wild grape and not another berry.

Artificially Scented Grape Oil And Incense - This was quite popular in the 70s and 80s for gamblers. It can also be used in prosperity work.

Juice - Can be used in spiritual baths and jar works for prosperity. If using it for spiritual baths make sure not to over do it to avoid getting sticky.

Wine - Can be used in many works and used as an offering for spirits.

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