Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Musk is a pungent pheromone or scent used by animals to both attract the opposite sex and to mark their territory. Therefore in conjure work musk can be used in both love/sex works and for domination. Musk is generally available in oils, incense, and powders (crystal form). Most musk today that is available for use in conjure work is likely to be artificially or plant-derived, instead of coming from the various animals that produce it. However, this should not deter anyone who is interested in using it. I use it in my working and have seen great success.


  1. what brand of musk you use?

    1. I don't have a specific brand, I just purchase what I come across. Probably the most common form is the musk incense which people can find practically anywhere. I know I have some I got from the dollar store. I think Wisdome/Indiio sells oils and crystals.