Monday, July 15, 2013


I just wanted to post this to people who are protesting George Zimmerman being found not guilty. Right now people are buying skittles and an Arizona tea and are claiming that this is why Trayvon died. I'm asking everyone out there to stop doing that, to stop using the skittles and Ice tea as your solidarity to Trayvon. Please stop purchasing these items and using them as symbols for support of Trayvon. These items are used to make a drug cocktail called "Lean", which is similar to Purple Drank and it contains codeine, DXM, and/or other drugs. People have been going through Trayvon's FB account and online posts and have reportedly found several instances where he talks about Lean and talks about codeine. This is in addition to his use of pot and the accusations that he was a drug dealer (images of pot plants on his cell phone, along with guns).

I don't care what your opinion is. People can believe whatever they want to believe. To be honest, nobody's opinion counts other than the jurors. If you remember back to the OJ trial almost the entire black community believed he was innocent. Now almost everyone believes he was guilty all along. That's why I don't put much stock into public opinion, because it changes with time. So the opinion of the uneducated public who likely doesn't know anything about the real facts of the case means nothing to me. I've deliberately chose not to follow the case too closely.

It's time for healing. I'm doing a candle service tonight (Monday, July 15, 2013) at 7:00 PM CST.. I will be lighting candles for peace and the healing of the nation. If any reader would like to join in they can. If you want to time it to start at the same time then just take into account the different time zones. If you need suggestions I would recommend white or blue candles, you can dress them with olive oil you have prayed over or peace or healing oil, whatever you have available. I'll recommend passages such as Psalm 85 or other passages from the Bible on peace or healing. Prayers in your own words will always be acceptable.

God Bless and we will all see this through,



  1. My question is.. what does his personal life has to do with being murdered? Whether he used drugs , dealt drugs etc. still doesn't give Zimmerman the right to profile, chase after or kill him. The case never stated Martin had a weapon. just skittles and tea. FORGET what its used for he didn't cause Zimmerman any harm while martin had it in his possession. None of us was there so we don't know the whole story ... but the facts we do have all leads to a GUILTY verdict.. GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY !!! Martin life shouldn't have been taken .. my gosh if he was suspicious looking it couldve been handled in a much better way that caused neither guy any harm much less than losing his life!

    1. Never said anything about his personal life making his death okay. I'm just tired of the ignorant people buying skittles and Arizona Tea and then holding them up in protest. They are unknowingly supporting drug abuse and they don't know it.

      Did Zimmerman racially profile Trayvon? -No. The media edited the tape of the event to make it appear racially motivated. This was already made public last year but people still don't know about it. The media has been race-baiting since day one.

      Should Zimmerman have followed Trayvon? I don't think he should have. I would not have. However, 911 operators don't have the authority to tell anyone what to do. They are just like you and me, normal citizens. Now, if a cop told Zimmerman not to follow Trayvon and he disobeyed, then he would be in trouble for that for sure.

      Finally, I want to talk about this "none of us where there" shit that people keep saying to maintain the lies. There witnesses to the events. The witnesses reported that Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman and was repeatedly jack-hammerin his head with punches and bashing his head on the sidewalk. So everyone needs to drop the "no one knows what really happened". There were witnesses.

      So why was George Zimmeman found not guilty?

      1.) Witnesse testimony that Trayvon was on top of him, beating the shit out of him and bashing his head against the sidewalk. That last part is the most important as it can prove deadly. Zimmerman could have died from that alone or he could have been a vegetable for the rest of his life.

      2.) Pictures of the wounds.

      3.) Expert testimony that the gun was fired in dircect contact to Trayvon's chest, supporting Zimmeran's story. Zimmerman's story is that he got out of the car and said some nasty things to Trayvon. Trayvon said some nasty things in return. Then Zimmerman turned to get back in his car when trayvon jumped him, punched him in his nose and broke it. Zimmerman fell to the ground and Trayvon got on top of him and began to "pound cake" his face and bash his head on the sidwalk. Zimmerman then claims he reached to his holster, grabbed his gun and placed it to Trayvon's chest and fired once. The evidence backs up this story. Trayvone was not shot at a distance. He was not shot in the back while trying to run away. He was shot with the gun planted directly at his chest while on top of Zimmerman.

      These are the three main reasons why the jury found Zimmerman not guilty. It was classic self defense.

      People need to be very careful of the message they send. Right now many Trayvon supporters are sending the message that when a black person attacks you then you must sit there and take it and die or esle you are a racist. That's not true and people have the right to defend themselves. Yes, Zimmerman should not have followed Trayvon but the witnesses and story jive. Trayvon attacked Zimmerman and could have killed Zimmerman or caused severe bodily harm, possibly even brain damage, had he not shot and killed Trayvon.

      This is the cold, hard truth void of bias. Accept it if you will, reject it if you must.

      Anybody is welcome to post their comments here. Just know that I will not allow race-baiting and hate speech. Any race-baiting and hate speech will be immediatley deleted.

  2. All details that was placed before the jury still does not indicate Zimmerman innocence. If he had not gotten out of the car in the first place as instructed this wouldn't have happened. His disobedience to law ended a child's life. Yes martin beat his ass but still had no weapon. Like they say u play with fire you will get burned. So Zimmerman shouldve. took his ass whooping like a man because he provoked him saying nasty things etc. Losing that fight does not give him the right to pull out a weapon.. i don't care if its black two white people etc. how are you going to claim self defense on anyone when martin feared for his life on the account of Zimmerman watching him following him chasing him. Hell i wouldve kicked his ass.. win lose or draw.. toe to toe.. 1 on 1 you lose you just lose.. and Zimmerman couldn't take his loss so he killed that boy.. UNFAIR and justice should be served.

    1. Thank you for being honest. I already knew that most black people feel that when a black person attacks a non-black person they are just supposed to lie there and take it and die. If they try to defend themselves they are racist. I already knew this because I've heard it several times from the black people in my life. This is the accepted belief because violence is such an integral part of the black community. Did you hear of that study that from the years of 1976-2011 that 94% of black homicide victims were murdered by black people? It's become an everyday thing for black people. An I used to live in the ghetto so I know what it's like.

      But the second a non-black person is implicated in the death of a black's on! Rallies, riots, protests, the whole kit and caboodle.

      The truth is that Trayvon's hands were the weapons. You can kill a person with your bare hands. If all Trayvon did was punch Zimmerman and then run away none of this would have happened. But that's not what Trayvon did. Trayvon repeatedly punched his face and bashed his head on the sidewalk. Zimmerman could have died or suffered severe brain damage. That's why it's self defense.

      This was never a fair fight. This was an attack where Trayvon was out to inflict the maximum damage possible without any concern of whether Zimmerman died or was a vegetable the rest of his life.

      If Trayvon attacked me in this manner, got on top of me and repeatedly bashed my head on the pavement I too would have shot and killed him. I don't give a damn about the color of your skin. If anyone is going to try to turn my head into mashed pototates I'm going to defend myself by shooting and killing them. If you were honest you would do the exact same thing.

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  4. I agree on the matter of buying those products as you made the point about them being used for abusing substances, cool. I also understand that when you are being attacked, you're in survival mode and one will use whatever means necessary to defend oneself, but to be quite honest both of them should be brought to justice, both of them. (i want to be kind but, hell)if Trayvon was alive i would suggest that he serve his time, just as George should. he got out of the vehicle when he expressed explicitly not to after following Trayvon. Trayvon should have presented himself with more respect in the sense that he should have acted like he had some civil qualities about his person. a.k.a. wearing a smile.

    Trayvon should have swallowed his pride and kept moving on to his father's home. Sometimes one needs to swallow others bitterness, i do it a lot, i'm mixed and i get called all sorts of ugly things - because i look like 'a terrorist/'Ay-rab'. We do live in a society that deals with race in such a crass manner and i wish i could escape it, but many are immature (as a great many humans are). When we begin to lash out, all control breaks loose and opens the way for violent conflict.

    George should have approached the situation level headed and cool, he didn't, he rushed into action because (and this is observation) because he wanted to be a cop. He wanted to serve his community, cool. I don't care at all for the fact that he decided to gung-ho the situation because it was unwise. Would you ever really consider going in on a person you don't know?, because Trayvon could've been armed himself. George had the opportunity to turn this moment into something positive, by asking the right questions - why are you here? do you live in this neighborhood? if so, then where? - all from the safety of his car! He already had the upper hand, being armed and having the police on their way.

    And I admit, I felt my ears go hot when I heard Zimmerman got off, because in my gut knew it was wrong. I wanted to put something on him, but didnt plan or bank on it. I thought about how you see this situation occurring everywhere, it's a battle of the wrong/stupid pairs - you bumped into my shoulder the wrong way so I tap you on the nose, you looked at me funny, so I proceed to curse you out. My friend was recently gay bashed - in the gay neighborhood, ironic right?. My friend was called a 'faggot' he cursed them out and he got socked in the mouth and almost lost his front tooth, he retaliated and swung back hitting the guy in the face. In this case, both were wrong, my friend for being drunk and asshole for being drunk and homophobic looking for a fight IN

    I feel George and Trayvon should have never crossed paths they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. But I do plan to join in some kind of healing work because I'm not sure I want to continue living in this country. Maybe I'll ask specifically St. Martin De Porres for a petition. Sorry for posting a short story!
    Thanks Doc.

    1. Punch and run, punch and run, punch and run. Don't ever bash a person's head into the ground repeatedly as that's life-threatening.

      Just for the record, 911 operators are not cops and have no authority to tell people what to do. So jut because a 911 operator told him not to follow Trayvon it doesn't mean anything. The only reason why Zimmerman pursued Trayvon is because in the times prior Zimmerman chose not to pursue and the people always got away before the cops arrived So this was the one time Zimmerman decided to pursue. Just so people know.

      But yeah, the moral of story: punch and run. Even if Zimmerman didn't shoot Trayvon, Trayvon would have been arrested on felony battery for what he did to Zimmerman. The first punch is just a misdomeaner. An attack is a felony battery. So just punch and run and you will be okay. If you get caugh it will only be a misdemeanor.

      I love St. Martin. So glad you brought him up. :)

  5. Commenting belatedly, but I agree with what you have said, DocConjure, and have to respond to this comment: "If he had not gotten out of the car in the first place as instructed this wouldn't have happened. His disobedience to law ended a child's life. Yes martin beat his ass but still had no weapon." The writer doesn't seem able to tell the difference between breaking the law and poor judgment (which may be really stupid, but isn't illegal). The 911 operator wasn't a police officer, consequently the instruction to stay in his car was just a suggestion which he had a right to ignore. I was surprised, when the trial began, to see the pictures of Zimmerman's bloodied head and clearly broken nose - which made it clear that his poor judgment had gotten him into a dangerous situation. Nevertheless, the first action that exceeded what the law allows was made by Trayvon Martin, not George Zimmerman. Once he hit Zimmerman, and continued hitting him, he hadn't a leg to stand on legally. If he had lived, he would have been in trouble with the law for his violent response. As things turned out, he lost his life and that's a damned shame, but - although Zimmerman acted like a jerk - he wasn't the one who escalated the confrontation to the point of violence. I've personally dealt with a lot of annoying, belligerent, provoking people in the course of my life, in instances where they made me angry and were clearly in the wrong, but that wouldn't give me the right to attack them.

    1. I agree. Unfortunatley this is one of those events that people are just not going to see eye to eye on. For some people the truth of the matter may seem obvious in one direction but other people take it to a different place entirely. There's nothing that can be done about it. In time the protests will die down and things will get back to normal.

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    1. Scylla, I deleted your comment for race baiting. I will not allow that at this blog.

      Also, just so you know, Trayvon did not buy Ice Tea. He bought Arizona brand Watermelon Juice. You take that with either skittles or jolly ranchers and mix it with codiene. You can use DXM but Trayvon was into codiene for his Lean per his FB posts.

      Take your racist "whites are the devil" garbage elsewhere.

  7. "Race baiting"... what am I baiting you into? What traps am I setting by pointing out racism and ignorance? What bizarre dystopian race wars do you fear will break out as a result of stepping outside of yourself and examining your privilege and prejudices? Come on. Hatred is a poison.

    It's a damn shame you deleted my post.

    You are still so very wrong, wrong, wrong about lean. Also, lean is not "similar to" drank, they are the same thing. Lean, drank, purple drank, sizzurp. You do NOT use anything but Sprite. I always think of iced tea when I think of Arizona, and that's what's been reported most often: iced tea and Skittles. Either way, you do not make lean with anything but codeine syrup, Sprite, and Jolly Ranchers. DXM is a dissociative which produces a markedly different high, commonly referred to as "robotripping". The only thing they have in common is they both involve a type of cough syrup. The only things Trayvon Martin had in that bag were the components to a snack.


    1. You are the one is so very wrong. I'm going to allow this post because it points out your ignorance.

      Race-Baiting :

      1.The act of using racially derisive language, actions, or other forms of communication in order to anger or intimidate or coerce a person or group of people.

      Your comment was very anti-white and you made certain accusations. Thus, it was race-baiting and I removed it.

      Second, Lean is not only made with Sprite. You only think of Ice Tea becasue the fucking media and the prosecution deliberately lied because they didn't want the jury to know that it was Watermelon juice and that Trayvon was going to get high with it. That's why you thought it was only Arizona Ice Tea. That's why people protesting hold ups Arizona Ice Tea cans because they are ignorant. Lean is made with a few drugs that can get you high. Those drugs include:

      Hydrocodone (liquid form of loritabs)
      and possibly other drugs.

      Lean is similar to Purple Drank. The only real difference is that Purple Drank gets its color from the color of the promethazine w/ codiene (purple).