Friday, July 26, 2013

Testimony From A Client

This is Brynn (fake name for anonymity). Brynn had a reading with me this week and this is what she has to say about it.

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Hi Doc,
Thank you so much for the reading the other day. Below is my review, hope it helps.. feel free to shorten it if you wish... as usual I have a lot to say when it comes to you... :)

I want to share my experience of the reading with any of your readers considering hiring you for work or booking a reading...

This was as 2nd reading with Doc, my first was a couple of months ago and during the course of the first reading Doc told me some things I wanted to hear (and some I didn't!)... before the call I was a little skeptical, but at that stage in my life I was desperate for help and was hopeful that I had come to the right place.

During the call I was very surprised at how relaxed Doc made me feel, and how easy it was to talk to him, he seemed genuinely caring and helpful, I was very impressed at how well he could read the situation so I decided I would hire him for the work I needed done.. however, my financial situation was such that I couldn't do so immediately.. During this time one thing that Doc had predicted would happen to me did come to fruition.

Then a couple of months later I finally got a job! - and my first mission when I got paid was to get the money together and hire Doc to do the work we spoke of previously ... so I did.. it was quite a bit of cash for me to send via post and I'll admit I was worried because I was sending it via international postal service. I needn't have worried though, because it arrived safely and Doc immediately emailed to tell me so we arranged a second consultation. The reason I wanted a 2nd consultation was to be sure that Doc knew exactly what I wanted to happen and to ask him about other issues that are bothering me.. ..

All I can say about what happened during the call is WOW!! not only did doc pick up on what was bothering me.. but was able to confirm this person is in fact an enemy and not a friend (I felt this myself) Doc was real specific and able to describe a "gift" i'd been given by this person, he knew that this person was involved in a theft at my home, (another suspicion I had myself, but could not prove)the only information I gave doc was the persons name.. I was shocked to say the least because he was spot on, Again, but relieved at the same time that I wasn't imagining things about this person, or being unfair in my opinion of them. Doc was also able to tell me what this person does concerning me and described their personality, he was so right.

Doc also mentioned something that was going to happen regarding my job... the very next day I got an email from a colleague telling me the exact thing doc told me would happen; I was dumbfounded - I didn't doubt what doc predicted one bit, but was surprised at how quickly it came to be.

I have had a lot of crap happen to me over the years and since my mom passed away 2yrs ago I have no one to turn to for help and guidance; I am alone except for my children. I am delighted to have found Doc, and feel extremely lucky to have him on my side, he has started the work for me and I have every faith that the results will be exactly what I want, I'm excited to have it done and cannot wait for the results. Doc is genuinely caring and dedicated to helping his clients - he even sent me a birthday card for my birthday! One thing that did strike me is he is far more caring and friendly than I imagined he would be from reading his blogs.. that's not a criticism, its just he is much more friendlier in person than what you read sometimes :) Oh, and I nearly forgot... because of Doc I gave up smoking after 25yrs!

I have no hesitation recommending Doc to anyone considering having a reading or hiring a conjure worker, in fact I would urge anyone needing help to give him a call, he really is the real deal. Do not worry about sending cash to him as he is extremely trustworthy. After this work is complete I will be hiring him to more work for me, I have every faith in him and trust him completely. He genuinely does care for his clients and is dedicated to helping them. I am truly blessed to have found someone to help me. God Bless you.

thanks for everything Doc,

Kindest regards


  1. Brynn's relief is almost palpable in her e-mail. I'm so glad she's doing better, and in awe of your gifts, Doc. It must be so rewarding to help people the way you do.

    Hope you and your niece are doing well and sorting out your health concerns.

    1. Thank you Mina. I told Brynn this was the best review I've read yet. As far as my niece and I go, they are monitoring her to see if she has flare ups or gets worse. I've yet to be able to see the doctor.