Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Was Jesus A Witch?

I agree with the uploader about Jesus. Jesus was not a witch per say but he was a magician, a conjure worker if you will. Many people believe Jesus went to Egypt and learned many mysteries. The reason why the Jews don't accept Jesus as the messiah is because they too view him as a magician. I disagree with the uploader's views on the origin of witches and witchcraft but I think she's spot on with regard to Jesus being a magician. If you are a Christian the concept of Jesus being a magician doesn't negate his role as Christ. It just makes it more interesting.


  1. I enjoyed her explanation because she went into the fact that Jesus spent a mysterious part of his time in Egypt, and who knows where else. The point on magi was also interesting because Jesus' birth according to scripture was heralded by 3 magi /kings. I always wondered about Jesus' miracles - spitting in the ground, smearing the mud he made on the eyes of a blind man & telling the man to wash his eyes at a holy pool - Shilokha, to be cured of his affliction. This makes Jesus more than just a prophet of great words, but great 'works'. :]

    But, I think she overlooked that the old testament states that anyone practicing any kind of magical art was to be killed. Witches, whether or not they were called that in the Levant & elsewhere in the Middle East at the time before and after Jesus' life, witches existed. I'm more of the old school follower of the definition. I save 'healer', 'witchdoctor', medicine person for those who use their art to benefit the lives of others in a justified manner. The word witch today has come along way, but I seem to only find that people in North America and Europe see witches as being either or - dark or light practitioners. Whether that is because of the 'wiccan' movement LOL, or because people aren't afraid of being stoned or hung or jailed so they actively proclaim themselves as they are. anyway thanks for the post

    1. The Bible's condemnation of witchcraft was a little differnet than most people think. The main condemnation was against the practices of the Canaanites and related pagan Gentils rituals. In the Hebrew there are specific titles of activities associated with what we would term witchcraft today. I will probably blog more on it in the future.

      However, the key thing to remember is that magic was not outlawed. Because the priests peformed magic themselves. It can get really complicated.

      As far as "witches" in the U.S., it's completely modern. The embracing of the word 'witch' is extremely complex as well. On one hand it relates to the modern trend of making all monsters "good". So witches are good, vampires are good, werewolves, are good, ghosts are good. Pretty soon monsters will be extinct! Then there's the lie of "The Old Religion", which has been discredit ages ago but still remains strong. Also, the embrace of the word witch can also be looked upon in the same way that women have embraced the word 'bitch' and gays have embraced the word 'faggot' and 'queer'. So it can be viewed as a way of 'turning the tables' to take the sting out of it.

      Was Jesus a witch? No, not specifically. Was he magician? Most definitley. So was Moses.

    2. I completely agree. But please do I can only remember that King Saul called on the necromancer of endor to call on Samuel, otherwise it's hazy.

      As far as priests practicing magic, i'm not surprised. I've been told many times by a Mason and OTO practitioner that priests were instructed by other high priests. What's considered now Hebrew mysticism is a branch of what they knew.

      But yes I can understand why someone would think Jesus was a witch, i just wouldnt use that word to describe him. AS you said, Like moses, he was a worker. Then again, I wonder if you weren't a rootworker, would you consider Jesus & Moses conjurers? hehe