Wednesday, August 28, 2013

7 Lucky Coins

Items Needed:

7 coins - must be of the same denomination and must be given to you by 7 different people
Green candle - can be 7 day glass candle or any candle will do
Spiritual oil - for luck, prosperity, money, etc. (optional)
Spiritual incense - for luck, prosperity, money, etc. (optional)
Bible (optional)
Mojo bag or piece of red flannel
Red cotton string (optional)


Wash the coins in cold water and dry them. Place the coins heads up on the surface where you will be burning a candle. Place one coin heads up in the center and place the remaining 6 coins around the center coin to form a circle. Fix the green candle and set it on top of the center coin to burn. Light your incense and pray for success and/or recite bible passages for prosperity and success. Work the candle each day until it burns out. Take the coins and place them in the mojo bag or else with the red flannel and red cotton string, make a packet with them. If there is any leftover wax from the candle you can place it in the bag or packet as well. Carry the mojo or packet on your person for good luck in all endeavors.

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