Monday, August 5, 2013

Alternative To Blowing Smoke As Offerings To Spirits

A client and I have been conversing over the past couple of days about vaping. I think I convinced her to give vaping a try. Well, she had a question that I think is good enough to blog on.

Her question was if blowing tobacco smoke to the spirits as an offering is dangerous to one's health. The answer is of course yes. Most workers will use cigar smoke in this fashion. People who smoke cigars have low rates of lung cancer compared to cigarette smokers. However, their rates of oral cancers are the same as that of cigarette smokers. So yes, taking any tobacco smoke in any form into your mouth, regardless if you inhale it into your lungs or not, is dangerous to your health. On the bright side there's a solution!

When I transitioned to vaping from smoking I told my spirits that I would no longer offer them burning cigarettes, burning tobacco, and I would no longer blow smoke to them as an offering. Instead I will offer them loose tobacco, unlit cigarettes (often a pack), and make offerings by blowing vapor. All of my spirits I work with have accepted these terms.

So if you are a smoker that is trying to transition to vaping and thus no longer want to use tobacco in any form you can try a similar approach. I think most spirits would understand. However, if by chance you have a stubborn spirit that just won't accept anything but the "real deal" then perhaps make a compromise and burn tobacco outside for them. This is just a suggestion of course!


  1. Doc,
    I thought that offering smoke to spirits in Hoodoo was a no no because it was associated with paganism. Why would one offer smoke to God/Jesus/The Saints? Are we talking about gifts/payments to ancestors or friends that have transitioned?

    1. Nobody offers tobacco to God or Jesus. Native Americans may offer tobacco to the Great Spirit though.

      When a worker gives offerings to spirits it's not because we worship them. Only God is worthy of worship. Instead, offerings are simply payment for a service rendered.

      And this is most important Bonnie. So important I will put it in a separate blog. Anytime one works with a spirit one must acknowledge God first and foremost so no lines are crossed.