Sunday, August 11, 2013

Amish Witchcraft!

So I'm really getting into the show 'Breaking Amish'. I tried watching the first season but it just wasn't clicking with me. The second season is much better.

There's one young Amish woman named Betsy. Betsy left her husband to be on the show and get a taste of "English life" (The Amish call us non-Amish people 'English'). Well, Betsy has a secret. She's a witch! And I'm not talking about the modern Goddess-loving, circle casting, 'blessed-be'-variety. She's old school...sort of. You see she's never shown casting any spells except for one time when she busts out candles and starts mumbling something in Dutch. But interestingly she says that she has demons and that the spirits come to her, that she is haunted by the spirit of her birth mother, and that the demons control her and tell her what to do. Ironically, the only young woman on the show who has actually performed a charm on the show is Iva, the beautiful blonde who put a pair of nail clippers on a string and used it as a pendulum to divine the sex of another cast member's unborn child (she said it was boy).

The bad thing is that I'm not sure how long Betsy will be on the show. She made out with Iva when they were drunk and now Iva seems to be screaming rape and making her Amish boyfriend show up. I think that's interesting because she sure as hell wasn't saying, "no, stop!" during the lesbo make-out session (which was not filmed, we just see Betsy closing the door.) On top of that another male cast member was present and assumingly took part. This totally blew me away because I never pegged her for being a lesbian or bisexual. I always thought that Matt (the young Mennonite man) was the closet case. Then again, I have horrible gaydar.

So if you have a Sunday evening free, check the show out. It airs Sundays at 9:00 CST on TLC.

NOTE: The secret that the producers and cast don't let on is that this is something that is part of Amish life, where older teenagers are allowed to leave and go wild and to experience life on the outside. They elders turn a blind eye to much of their behavior and it's not uncommon for wild sex and drug use to take place. At the end of their experimentation they must decide to either stay or return and join the church as adults and take on adult responsibilities. The majority of all Amish youth eventually decide to return. Once they return and join as adults they are held to the strict laws of the community.


  1. Are they on Rumspringa? They seem old for it, and their concern over shunning for choosing to go to LA suggests that they aren't on a sanctioned trip.

    I think Matt's gay gay gay. That's really why I'm watching: to see the big 'reveal' and the fall out. Lol. I don't care about any of the other characters.

    1. Now I'm not sure. Iva went to college before. Sam is way too old. Betsy is married. So these three at least don't seem to qualify.

      Poor Matt. Everybody knows it but him. At least the everyone is being nice about it. On tonight's episode the girls took him to that male stripper show. They hinted they they believed he was gay but I don't think he understood.

  2. I don't see how their Amish congregations would allow them back after having what they do (even if they are on Rumspringa)filmed and televised for the world to see. It's one thing to go out and party or maybe dress in "English" clothing and wear make-up for a while but having sex with another woman or a three way and admitting to consorting with demons--don't think there's any coming back from that. If their elders get wind of it, they'll be shunned and banished from every Amish community. While the Amish don't watch television or listen to the radio, some of the more progressive Mennonites who do might pay a visit. There's no such thing as privacy in this day and age.

    1. I'm no expert but I was led to believe that the adults turn a blind eye on the youth at during this time. It is not uncommon for such youth to experiment with alcohold, drugs and sex. I've never met any such youth personally but I know people who have. I was told that most of them go wild at first but then later get scared and then chose to go back.