Sunday, August 4, 2013

Angels And Demons...What They Are

This will be a rather short blog to help people understand some things about Angels and Demons. Let me start with angels.

Most people  think of angels as being the entire host of heavenly beings created by God to serve him. This is incorrect. I will discuss the heavenly host in further blog entries.

The angels are nothing more than God's divine servants or slaves. They have no free will and they obey God's commands. The term angel comes from the  Greek 'angelos' (messenger). The Hebrew word for them is 'malakhim'. However, being God's messenger isn't the only function they have. They carry out whatever God orders them to carry out. They are the lowest of the heavenly beings in Christianity but are still above humanity. In Judaism there are heavenly beings lower than the angels. There are may beings that are higher above the angels. These being aren't angels. They are part of the heavenly host. When angels appear to humans they do so in the form of human men (no angel ever appears as a woman in the Bible). Angels do not have wings. Other heavenly host have wings but not the angels. I will explain this in further blog entries.

A demon comes from the Latin 'daimon' meaning a spirit in-between the gods and mortals. Demons could be either good or evil. In the Christian view demons are any heavenly being that has fallen, rebelled, or removed from the heavenly host. A demon can be a fallen angel or a fallen member of the other heavenly host. Technically even human beings can be viewed as demons and sometimes the spirits of people are confused for demons. A demon can be either good or evil though in Christianity their evilness is the trait that is most expressed. The most important thing to remember about demons is that they still obey God! People forget that! The God of the Universe still sits on the throne and the demons must obey him. Their existence is similar to that of dogs on leashes. They can act but only in limited approved capacities.

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