Friday, August 9, 2013

Damn Pink Eye & Home Remedy

I got pink eye and it's a different kind that I've ever got before. Normally the kind that I've gotten in the past is when you wake up and your eye is matted closed. This one is different. My upper eyelid is swollen and puffy. The right side of my eye is bright red and it produces a thin discharge every few minutes. This one is so weird that I looked it up online and perhaps it's an allergy pink eye as there are so many different types. Anyway, this one is actually painful. It feels like someone punched me in the eye and even my eye muscles are sore, like they feel strained.

Anyway, this is the perfect time for me to tell my readers of a home remedy. You can make a tea of eyebright and make a compress by wetting a rag in it and applying to the eye. In case you can't get eyebright you can also use fennel seeds and/or chamomile as well. There are also over-the-counter drops, which can be purchased as well. These over-the-counter drops will treat allergy pink eye and possibly help with viral pink eye. For the bacterial pink eye one might want to visit the doctor for antibiotic eye drops. Pink eye can last anywhere from a week to a month or so, though most cases clear up within a couple of weeks.

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