Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Finds At A Local Super Mercado

So this past weekend I paid a visit to a new Super Mercado that opened. I was disappointed. Usually they have so many cool things to use in conjure, everything from candles to herbs, tools, all kinds of things. I normally go to a big one on the South side of OKC. So I was excited when they opened one in my city but my exitement quickly faded. They only had one small section of candles and hardly any herbs. It was pretty much just like a neighborhood Walmart. However, I did buy a few candles simply because they were different than the other candles that I normally get.

The Miel Y Rosas (honey and roses) smells so good! It says it's already "fixed" on the candle and it comes with real rose petals and scented wax blocks on top of the candle.  The Siete Monedas de la Suerta (7 Lucky Coins), comes with a small green felt mojo bag. I actually thought it came with the 7 coins too but I was wrong. It too claims to be "fixed" but it has no smell. It has a really cool spell on the back which I will post perhaps tomorrow. The Santa Muerte and Jesus candles are actually glass tumblers that can be used as drinking glasses after the candle burns out! I thought that was kind of cool. Unfortunately I was not impressed with the stock there and probably won't be shopping there again.


  1. I'm going to look up that Miel Y Rosas candle because I bet it would be a nice scent to have around the house.

    1. It smells like roses, not really any "honey" part to it. If you can't find it there are other rose-scented novena candles out there.