Thursday, August 29, 2013

'Haunting In Connecticut' A Hoax, Says Author

I'm just now finding out about this. Apparently the famous Haunting In Connecticut (Snedeker Family Haunting) is a hoax. Well, this is no shocker. I would say about 90% of the alleged big haunting stories are revealed years later to be hoaxes. Usually it is revealed the family was hurting for money at the time the ghost claims are made. Below is an article of the author who wrote the book, In A Dark Place, the official book version of the alleged haunting. He believes it's a hoax!

Damned Interview: Ray Garton

Also, the Snedeker family appeared on Sally Jesse Raphael back in the day, far before the two episodes of a t.v. series (A Haunting & Paranormal Witness) on the alleged haunting and way before the movie. It appears that most of the audience did not believe their story.

Now, I love a good ghost story but I'm not joking. The majority of the big ones are hoaxes. So to try to cut down on the fraud I would suggest the following. Of course the following reflects my personal opinion.

1.) Reject any case where the family is making money, especially big money. This means where they have book deals, movie deals, etc. Almost always a hoax.

2.) Reject anything associated with Ed & Loraine Warren. Almost everyone who has worked with them and has gone public has stated they are not credible. Even the author above stated that they told him to simply make up crap. He also stated they have a history of hiring horror authors to write their books. Of course Ed has passed away now but Loraine is still active and has recently appeared on the craptacular, Paranormal State series. The Conjuring movie was recently released and it was horrible. I couldn't even finish it. That movie would have better had it been released in the 1970s. Nobody wants to hear about "evil satanic witches are out to get ya" anymore.

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  1. Good film though. Scared the crap out of me