Sunday, August 25, 2013

I Have Horrible Gaydar

This week or so two celebrities came out of the closet and both shocked me because I never suspected it. The first was Wentworth Miller. Miller shot to fame with Prison Break but he started his career on Buffy The Vampire Slayer in the episode Go Fish. Miller came out in order to boycott Russia for it's anti-gay legislation.

I would have never guessed. There were ZERO hints. Miller is perhaps the pretties guy celebrity I have ever seen. Why are mixed people so damn gorgeous? It's extremely rare for a mixed person to be unattractive. And it makes no sense. You can take an ugly ass white woman and an ugly ass black man, or vice versa, and you get a freaking beautiful mixed child. Why is that?

The other celebrity that came out was the guy who does "Fred" (Lucas Cruikshank).

He fooled me because I've never seen him talk or act his normal self. I've only seen him in character. I think if I had seen him be himself I would have definitely picked up on it but I didn't so he fooled me too.

I just have horrible gaydar. I mean, the only celebrity that I know I was spot on about being gay was Colton Haynes. I first saw him in The Gates, a supernatural show, and I immediately thought that he was gay. Then it was revealed that he did these gay photo shoots with a male model he was allegedly dating at the time. Then when he became famous via Teen Wolf he had his agent try to remove all the pics from online and now it seems he's gone back into the closet. When he gives interviews now he talks about girls he supposedly likes. LOL

But other than that, I have horrible gaydar.

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