Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's That Time Of Year.....Wildcrafting!

I really shift into wildcrafting gear in mid-August and September. Today I spent the morning wildcrafting some of the plants I use in my practice. This is only round 1 of many trips I will be taking the rest of this Summer and Fall. I especially like the look of bundles of herbs hung to dry. It certainly gives the place a more "magical" look.
What you see here are myrtle, bindweed, wild sunflower, mimosa, and wild grape. Next trip I will try to get wild violets as I saw a space where they pretty much grew everywhere.
If you are new to wildcrafting I would suggest starting in your own yard. There are many plants which grow in people's yards, either as weeds or as decor. Look for things such as oak leaves, bark, and acorns, dandelions, clover, and rose petals for a start. Then branch out to local parks, along creek beds, and into the woods.
Forgot to add that you should ask permission of the plant and should leave something in return. I take a pocket of pennies with me when I go wildcrafting. Also, do not take it all! Only take that which you need.
Happy Harvesting!


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