Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Name This Plant!

So I like to garden in my spare time. However this year I haven't really done much of anything except plant some morning glories.

Morning Glory
So I noticed some time back that a very special plant was growing in one of my little beds. I did not plant this so it had to have been a bird who brought the seed here. So I tell you what. I already know what plant this is. I just would like to see if any of my readers know a thing or two about plants as well.

Name This Plant!
Okay, so if any of my readers want to take a guess at what this plant is then please leave a comment. Tomorrow I will post the answer. I will give you three hints.
1.) This plant is used in hoodoo.
2.) This plant can be eaten but there are certain rules to follow or else suffer the consequences.
3.) This plant has a song associated with it.
Good Luck! 

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