Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Hoodoo Truth - Wicca, Neopaganism & "Traditional Witchcraft"

Wicca, "Traditional Witchcraft" and Neopaganism have nothing to do with hoodoo/conjure work. They are not compatible. In fact and in reality, a real conjure worker would never teach a Wiccan or Neopagan conjure work. That kind of stuff only happens online among the marketers and those who just want your money. Let me explain.

Everyone knows that hoodoo isn't a religion. This said it's set in a Judeo-Christian framework. Real conjure workers are real Christians. They are not just using the Christian elements to cover up a pagan belief system. Now, even though real conjure workers are Christians they aren't the fundamentalist types. They tend to be more open minded and liberal. They also usually don't go to Church and aren't judgemental. The type of Christianity they practice is what can be called "folk Christianity". Folk Christianity involves things like "if you are a good person you go to heaven when you die". It's informal and far less strict than fundamentalism. It's also more mystically-inclined.

Now, Wicca, Neopaganism and "Traditional Witchcraft" are all brand new. "Traditional Witchcraft" practitioners claim what they do is older than Wicca and Neopaganism but in reality that's just another myth they like to tell. They are just as young as Wicca and Neopaganism. Because they are all so young they lack a craft. What is a craft? It's an art, a skill, a trade, a practice. A craft is very much connected to monetary income, paid work. These new religions have no craft so they are attracted to hoodoo/conjure work as well as other traditions. The problem is that they tend to rape and destroy these traditions in the process.

Have any of my readers heard of a man called E. Bryant Holman? He passed away a few years ago but he was very skilled and knowledgeable on the Mexican traditions of Brujeria and Curanderismo. He was also an author. Holman was deeply opposed to Wicca, Neopaganism and "Traditional Witchcraft" because he saw the damage it was doing. It was basically causing the real magical traditions to go extinct. I communicated with him on several occassions and during one of our conversations he mentioned that what is going on is that all these Wiccans and Witches are popping up and performing spells for paying clients. Well, the problem is that they are displacing the real magical traditions of Burjeria and Curranderisimo, which are basically extremely similar to hoodoo/conjure work. These Wiccans, Witches, and Pagans tend to be self-styled experts, not receiving any type of magical training. Meanwhile, it takes years of study under a Curandero for example. So these Wiccans and Witches pop up and steal the business of the established traditions, in effect destroying them. They literally can become a Wiccan on Monday and then by Tuesday they are accepting paying clients. They also steal from other traditions and then lie and pretend as if it was theirs all along. The paying clients don't know any better.  So E. Bryant Holman was staunchly opposed to Wicca, Neopaganism and "Traditional Witchcraft'. So am I.  I too see the damage they do. Wicca, Neopaganism and "Traditional Witchcraft"-types, are "The Borg" of the magical community. They must be stopped.

Right now there are people online claiming to teach hoodoo to Wiccan and Neopagans. This is wrong on so many  levels. For one, real conjure workers in the real world would never do that. Real conjure workers are Christian. They don't pray to the Goddess. They don't worship pagan gods. So when you see someone who claims to be pagan and be a conjure worker then your bull shit meter better be activated. There should be a siren and a flashing red light. Because real conjure workers don't mix and they don't belong to other religions. Real conjure workers don't have Wiccan/Neopagan/Witch students. They just don't. You will only find that shit online. In the real world if you aren't a Christian and don't believe in the Bible you will not be taught, period. Because if you don't believe in God and the Bible you are not worthy to learn conjure work. You're just not. Nobody has a right to learn conjure work.  Now the money-hungry marketers will definitely take your money and claim to teach you conjure work. They don't give a fuck. They just want your cash. They have no loyalty to the tradition. They are more than happy to help add to the destruction of the tradition as long as they get paid.

Honestly, Wiccans, Witches, and Neopagans need to stay away from hoodoo. They are not compatible. The world view of each practice is completely different. Mark my words, if nothing is done to try to stop and repel the Wiccan/Pagan/Witch invasion it will destroy hoodoo. They will assimilate it and destroy it in the process. Then decades from now they will claim that it was always theirs to begin with. And it was Holman who first told me that I needed to be on my guard against Wiccans/Pagans/Witches, lest they destroy conjure work.


  1. YESSS! Thank You! Folk Christianity is FOLK Christianity. I don't practice conjure/rootwork, but I find it deadly similar to the beliefs my parents and family have. I often dig around and find things like 'cures' that my people have blended with their native culture.

    Many people (pagans) think that Christianity is wrong/evil because of the whole colonization and missionary thing. Understandable, but they also don't recognize or KNOW that a symbiosis occurred when the worlds of Judeo-Christianity and the traditional beliefs Asia, the Americas and of course Africa collided. I enjoy the merging very much because it shows that my ancestors knew what was up. They didn't just role over so to speak, but recognized that there was a reason why their cures worked, why their rites and rituals flourished when they called on God. Any person who's got some indigenous blood or come from a different background will know that much, because we grew up with it - like when my someone suggested that my grandmother place a stinger from a stingray in the living room when she was pregnant with my auntie. Supposedly it was so that a certain infamous creature wouldnt get to her womb (i'm sure you know what creature i'm talking about Doc haha) But I'm certain that whoever prepared that stinger worked with Christian prayers and ritual because in the Philippines, Catholicism is dominant and remedies for illnesses or curses often involve latin verses to be spoken or prayed. And they didn't read that in a book or on the net, it was what they had learned from the older generation. When I began hearing about curanderismo from the hispanic community I was like wow that's kinda like what they do back home.

    And it's funny that now since neopaganism is popular an heir of arrogance is around that I think has a comparison to the mindset of fundamental Christians today or even the early missionaries who sought to envelop and take over everything they didn't agree with. This attitude is another reason why I feel ambivalent to people who call themselves 'witches' or when I see a pentacle. But also because witches to my family are 'bad', but healers/albularyos are another story ;)

    1. Manananggal or Aswang? LOL

      And you hit the nail on the head. The Wiccans/Neopagan/Witches, believe they are THE witches, that Christianity stole from them, that they are "the old religion". Thus they view themselves as superior, the magical elders. Many of them are completely blind to the native traditions that exist in their backyard or they look down on them. I had a Wiccan flat out tell me that we (conjure workers) are a dying breed and the we just need to let Wiccans take us over so that we can exist in some form but with the "Wiccan Rede" because what we do is "wrong".

  2. YUP! haha and also from jealous wives and the evil eye.

    But this also makes me think of the adolescent cultural appropriation that exists and is rampant in neopaganism - "ooh this looks cool, I'll borrow this and incorporate it to my practice" I have absolutely no respect for that sh*t because it's just flat out stealing and is disrespectful on sooo many levels. For example, if you're out here making pentagrams in the air and calling on spirit animals and totems you can kick rocks with no socks, that irks me to no end! And witches making and giving out recipes for mojo hands and bangs? Laughable. It's just as disrespectful as a person who isnt indian putting on bindi and hosting a bollywood party, or a non-native wearing a war bonnet - it's ugly imitation at best.

    1. Agree and to be honest, the only reason why they are interested in conjure work is because they have no craft. But they will steal it and then use it to prop up their mythology. And when they teach it to others, it will be watered-down and changed and they will present it as if it was theirs from the beginning.

  3. This is where traditional witchcraft comes from.

    As a Pagan, and someone who tries to not take other cultures and rename them to some Neo Pagan appropriation thing, I have to say, :P . Not only that, but I am learning Hoodoo, and not from Llewellyn.

    There are plenty of responsible Pagans who learn conjure work, who aren't appropriating it.

    AS for witches not having a craft. I respectfully say, oh yes we do.

    1. With all due respect, and please don't take offense to this, but you don't know what you are talking about.

      Cunning folk, a.k.a Charmers or Pellars, were Christian, not pagan! They are not your people. They are our people! They used Psalms and scripture, the saints, and used Christian elements in their practice.

      So you are 100% wrong to say that "Traditional Witchcraft" comes from Cunning folk. That's a lie! Take a look at just what you "Traditional Witchcraft" people do. It's almost exactly the same as what Wiccans do. There's a small few changes. In truth "Traditional Withcraft" is made-up, a modern invention, just like Wicca.

      And no, you do not have a craft. If you had a craft you would not be drawn to hoodoo. You would have no need for hoodoo and you would not "borrow" from other traditions.

      I will repeat this. As a pagan you are not worthy to learn conjure work. You just aren't. No one has the right to learn it. The only reason why you think you are learning it is because someone out there has comprimised their values for monetary gain. That's it. In the real world if you went to a real conjure worker and told them you didn't believe in God and that you worshipped the Goddess and where a witch they would show you the door. Because you aren't worthy. And don't fool yourself into thinking that just because you pay someone online to learn it, or buy a book, that it makes you worthy. It doesn't.

      Sorry if this came across to harsh but it's time for the truth to be known. If you had a craft you wouldn't mess with conjure work or any other tradition.

    2. Some were Christian yes, and yes I do know what I'm talking about. However, cunningfolks magical knowledge wasn't always Christian. It's a mix of folklore from different cultures. It is one part of the history of where Traditional Witchcraft gets it's link.

      There are others.

      There are also more then one type of Traditional Witchcraft. There is BTW(Gardnerian, Alexandrian etc) yes that is a 1950 modern religion. Other Traditional Witchcraft not so much. Hedge Riding, using witches bottles, poppets, symbolic magic etc, all have their origins in the different cultures that made up England.

      I am not paying someone to learn conjure work. AS for worthyness comment, that shows some hubris. You aren't talking truth, you are talking opinion.

      You are generalizing, which is irritating. You are making assumptions. And what the bloody hell makes you think I don't believe in God(yahweh? )or that Pagans don't? I'm a Polytheist. I just happen to believe in more then ONE GOD.

      And if I needed work I could not get done, I can ask respected conjure workers. Some of which may be Pagan, one which I know is Christian.

    3. You are a fucking liar. Your whole fucking religion is a damn lie. Look, I don't give a fuck what you worship. You can worship a tree or a fucking rock for all I care. However, you people don't stop there. Every religion has it's own mythology. Your mythology is a bull shit clam of it being "thousands of years old", "the old religion", a "survival of paganism", etc. In fact your religion is brand new and has ZERO ties to ancient paganism.

      The Cunning men and women, the Charmers, the Pellars, were all Chritian. They were not pagan. They did not worship pagan gods. They did not cast circles. They did not invoke the elements. They did not worship on the 8 sabats. That's all bull shit from your Borg religion when you people tried to assimilate the Cunning folk and make them your own. You stole them and added them to your mythology, made the pagan like you. And it's all a bunch of fucking lies.

      Doreen Valiente admitted that Gardner made up almost all of Wicca. She was his high priestess and is "the mother of Wicca", as he is it's father. She left him to pursue genuine witches, witches whom she believed were actual survivors of paganism. She met multiple people who claimed to be the real deal but in each case she discovered they were simply liars like Gardner. Pick any celebrity witch and you will discover they were all liars. Robert Chocrain claimed to be the real deal, Valiente was duped at first but realized he was full of shit. Sybil Leek claimed to be a member of a 700 year old coven that was Celtic but worshipped Diana! They all are fucking liars, every single one of them. All of these lies are based on the now debunked work of Margarate Murray. She claimed that witchcraft was a survival of paganism. Wannabe witches flocked to her work. However, they didn't realize the acadamic community rejected Murray's book. Murray was never able to provide any proof for her outrageoous claims. And go figure, later in life she claimed to be a witch herself!

      You are not fucking worthy to learn this. If you don't believe in God and the Bible, even in a folk religion way, you are not worthy. Real conjure workers don't worship pagan gods. Real conjure workers don't call themselves witches. The only reason why you are attracted to hoodoo/conjure work is because you have no fucking craft. If you had an actual craft you would not be drawn to stealing this because you would have your own practice, your own way of doing things.

      You don't fucking fool me. I see you clear as day. You are a spiritual thief and would rape and destroy conjure work just so you can steal it's practice and merge it with your fucking bull shit religion based on lies, to use it to prop it up. And when you teach other people you will sit there and lie out of your ass and claim it was always yours to begin with. That's what you people do. You have a very long history of doing this for decades now. You rape, you steal, and then you represent it as if it belonged to you all along!

      Do not fucking reply anymore to this thread. I will delete any further comments from you.

  4. To Doc Conjure; Who on this green earth are you, that you judge who can learn what from where or who has a craft or not. You can state your opinion, since this country still has free speech, but do not state it as fact. As in all things cultures have borrowed from others all through the centuries without anybody complaining. Other cultures appreciate an open mind and any interest, so why be so harsh? In my opinion, and I state it is an opinion, you are an ignoramus, who has no interest in learning or finding out what it is all about.I also have to say, that I am not wiccan, pagan or traditional. Maybe now I am harsh, but to me you come across as narrow minded and ignorant.

    1. "To Doc Conjure; Who on this green earth are you, that you judge who can learn what from where or who has a craft or not."

      Translations: Why won't you let us rape your tradition and destroy it! Damn it! You are so horribly ignorant! How dare you speak out against our blatant spiritual rape and theft of nearly every single culture on the planet!

      "You can state your opinion, since this country still has free speech, but do not state it as fact."

      It is fact. You need to wake the fuck up.

      "As in all things cultures have borrowed from others all through the centuries without anybody complaining."

      Translation: We can rape and steal form other cultures because other people have done it. If they can rape and steal, why can't we?

      "Other cultures appreciate an open mind and any interest, so why be so harsh? In my opinion, and I state it is an opinion, you are an ignoramus, who has no interest in learning or finding out what it is all about.I also have to say, that I am not wiccan, pagan or traditional. Maybe now I am harsh, but to me you come across as narrow minded and ignorant."

      You are a liar. You are defintiley something. You are either a Wiccan, Neopagan, or even Satanist. Or you are part of the New Orleans Voodoo crowd. One way or another based on your horribly stupid wording, you are part of some tradition that rapes and steals from other cultures.

      If you can't get it through your dense head that it's not okay for these people to rape and steal a tradition, use that information to prop up the lies of their own religion, a.k.a. "The Old Religion" and then turn around and present it as if it was theirs all along, then you are beyond hope.

      Either that or you are one of the marketers selling this shit to people for profit. It would not suprise me one bit.

      Do not post anymore comments on this subject. I've allowed you to speak your mind on this but any further comments will be deleted.

  5. Here you sit claiming love and tolerance and wisdom and you go off on a stranger. Shame as I was enjoying your blog before I read this vicious dribble. By the way hoodoo is simply bastardized Haitian vodoun. Hoodoo is contains some of the magical elements of the African diasporic vodoun tradition it has nothing to do with Jehovah or Jesus. According to the bible me and you both are going to hell, we are sorcerors. Why not just pray to invoke the pure power of your sacred tradition? Perhaps address the log in your own eye before attempting to (erreoniously) help your brother, whom you just cruelly berated. Even if you were completely right, now a creation of god will never be able to see it as you have just been a stumbling block to him. Congratulations.

  6. @Anonymous at 11: 12 PM,

    You are ignorant. Hoodoo is not "bastardized Voodou". The majority of the slaves here in the U.S. came from the Congo region, not Haiti. I'm so sick of you stupid fucking ignorant ass poseurs. You shoot your damn mouths and act like you fucking own the world. You don't know jack shit about Hoodoo so stay the fuck out of it.

  7. Yuussss. I'm am a african american folk christian who practices hoodoo myself.Hoodoo is powerful, potent and just rich. Wiccans irritate me beyond, BELIEF. The Bible is the meat of Hoodoo. Any person who claims to be Hoodoo and not Christian or believe in God, then like DocConjure said, you're not worthy of it.

  8. DocConjure is absolutely right.