Monday, September 30, 2013

The Art Of Seduction - Part 10 - *A Pro Gay Seducer*

Warning!: The blog entry may contain material some may find offensive. Read at your own risk.
Okay, so I came across these two clips from the movie, Clapham Junction (2007). There is a pro seducer at work here so I thought I would let people know. The scenes are very hot and beautiful. There is an ick factor since the seducer is only 14 years-old (the aggressive gay Lolita) and his target is almost 30 years-old. However, these segments are perfect to show a seducer in action. I won't post the segments here because of their sexual nature but I will put the search terms below that you can copy and paste into YouTube and view for yourself.

Gay Classic. 'Theo & Tim' 1/2 Clapham Junction - Intense. Tortured. Smoldering.  

Gay Classic. Clapham Junction 'Theo & Tim' 2/2 - Intense. Tortured. Smoldering.  

After you watch the above videos you can continue below for some of my commentary and take on them.
Okay, so the segments were really hot. The thing about Theo is that he's too perfect of a seducer. These skills take time to develop and you don't just start out being a pro on your first attempt. So that part was unbelievable. However, for the scenario Theo literally was the perfect seducer. Did you pick up on any of the stuff that Theo did to seduce Tim? For one, Theo kept the poker face. There was no "dog in heat" look on his face. Did you notice how Theo never took no for an answer? Theo knew his words may be saying no but his body language was saying yes. Theo also chose his words wisely so that he would always remain in control of the situation. For example, Theo tells Tim they can be friends and Tim gets angry with him and tells them they can not. Theo could have asked Tim why they couldn't be friends but this would have give power back to Tim. So Theo chose the words "of course we can (be friends)", to retain power.  Theo doesn't ever accept no. He gets everything he asks for. He gets Tim to let him in. He gets water twice. He gets the beer. He gets his guy. Theo knew what he wanted and he went for it.

Also, did you notice the part where the parents bust Theo at Tim's flat?. At one point Theo says, "Dad, tell her". I got the impression that Theo's dad new he was gay and that only his mother didn't know for fear that she would flip out. The "I can smell it" comment from the mother had me cracking up. If the entire movie is as good as these segments I think I will definitely watch it. Oh, I noticed a double entendre when Theo says, "I want to give it to you", the reference of sex and the giving of the pen.

[Edit: I did some research on this movie and it looks like things aren't what they appeared to be at first. the segments I described are actually a role-reversal of a sexual predator becoming the prey, even to the lengths of being made to act as the bottom. At the end of the segment, which wasn't shown, Tim closes the curtains as a signal to Theo that this "relationship" is over with.]

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Art Of Seduction - Part 9 - Arousal

Warning!: This blog entry may contain material that some may find offensive. Continue reading only at your own risk.

It's like smoking crack. The rush that arises from when you can bring your target to physical arousal far from the bedroom, and usually in a public place. Don't get me wrong. It doesn't happen every time. It's actually rare that it happens but when it does, it's so fucking beautiful.

With men, you will notice the blushing, the stuttering, the dilation of the pupils, the increase of the blinking rate, the heavy breathing, the spreading of their legs and the thumping of a leg (if they are sitting down), and then........erection. If they are uncircumsized the smell of their arousal will be emitted in waves with clothing being no barrier. The first time you smell it, well, it can be a bit shocking. In time you will get used to it.

Women take a bit longer to reach this state. It just takes longer to coax them to it. You will see their legs uncross starting from the ankles moving upwards. They will always keep their knees together though. When it comes they too will blush, their pupils dilate, and unlike men they will tremble. They will shake and quiver and they will moisten. The smell of their arousal is not far behind.

When this state is reached it is dreadfully important that you lean closer to them and capture their gaze. Let them look deep into your eyes so they know you caused this in them,  you brought them to this point, you can take them over the cliff if you so chose.

When my target reaches this point I just want to stretch my arms heavenward, arc my back and unfurl my energy like tentacles wrapping around them, merging with them, and feasting upon them. It's so damn beautiful.

The Art Of Seduction - Part 8 - Poker Face

If you've read my previous entries in this series then you should know I've mentioned this several times now. Gaga isn't joking. Keep that poker face and keep them guessing. I've had more success with a poker face in seducing both women and men than with any other expression.

A complete, straight poker face combined with subtlety confuses and confounds the target. They think that  you are hitting on them but they just don't know because your doing it with a straight face. They then began to question is this arising from within themselves? Are they just projecting it onto you because they are attracted to you? It drives them wild!

A poker face also serves as a buffer for your protection in case they just aren't in to you.

The Art Of Seduction - Part 7 - Sexual Innuendo And The Double Entendre

When actively seducing keep your sexual innuendo to a minimum. Sexual innuendo can be too crass and crude in nature. From my personal experience most of the women I seduce don't really like sexual innuendo. It's just too obvious. However, women love a double entendre. A double entendre is just more sophisticated and witty. Men, on the other hand, love both sexual innuendo and double entendres. However, sometimes a double entendre can go over their heads. It's really rare for an experienced woman to miss a double entendre.

Women, when you are seducing a guy remember to be careful about sexual innuendos. Too much will signal you are promiscuous and/or you are only interested in sex. I mean, if sex is all you want, then knock yourselves out. If you want more than just sex then try to find the right balance.  The same thing goes with guys seducing other guys. Too many innuendos and the signal is just "all sex". However, if you are guy wanting to seduce another guy and all you care about is sex, knock yourself out. I've found a really direct double entendre works with most guys. For example, if you partake of the green herb and are with a guy you want to seduce  you may attempt to get him to smoke some with you while using a double entendre such as, "Have you ever been fucked [pause] up?".  Instantaneous blush almost guaranteed. If you want to take it slower, wait until you see them doing something and then ask them like,  "Have you ever done this before?". Don't wait for an answer and simply say, "Let me teach you.". Then you take control of it. That's a slower form of seduction.

Have you ever experienced word fucking? It's sort of like eye fucking but with a twist. It's when both parties engage in a dance back and forth of sexual innuendos and double entendres to see who can "one up" the other. It's really hot.

Remember to keep your poker face when you deliver your innuendos and double entendres! It serves to protect you should the target ultimately not be interested.

The one thing I noticed is that many people truly don't know how to use innuendo and double entendres. Like they are totally clueless.  The secret to using these is to use your natural conversation, more specifically using the correct wording. For example, if I was helping a woman I wanted to seduce move then I may pick up a box and approach her and say, "Do you want it in the bedroom?", with a seductive voice, a flash of my pretty eyes, and with a poker face or maybe a sly smile. So what makes it seductive is my choice of words and the way I delivered it. If I said, "Do you want me to put this box in your bedroom", then it would not be sexy at all. By substituting, "it" for "the box", as well as using a sexy delivery, I created a double entendre. So the key is to use your normal environment and what would be normal language and tweak it and deliver it in a way to be seductive.

Sexual innuendo and double entendres are breathing and drinking water to seducers. It's just completely natural to them.

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Art Of Seductions - Part 5 - The Voice

The voice of the seducer should be like honey wine. It should be sweetness and intoxicating. However, it should only be turned on while actively seducing. To use it all the time would be to spoil it's power.

The voice of the seducer is low and intimate. It has the power to calm people and situations. The voice of the seducer should not be overtly sexual, though innuendo can be used sparingly. Now is not the place nor time for dirty sex talk. Save that for the bedroom.

The voice of the seducer is sensual. The words flow and drip like syrup from their tongues. The voice of the seducer can hypnotize and enchant the target, invoking an altered state of mind and preparing the target's body for the physical changes of arousal that will soon take place.

The Art Of Seduction - Part 4 - The Eyes

Blessed is the seducer who possesses pretty eyes!

The eyes are the weapons of the seducer. With one look they can melt or break hearts. It's not a coincidence that there is a warning of never looking a witch in the eyes, lest she put her spell on you!

There is a little dance that happens with the eyes between the seducer and the target. For lack of a better word or phrase, let's just call it, "the look". So a guy is at a bar. Now, a typical male behavior that can be spotted easily is called "horizon scanning". Horizon scanning is the term for when a male repeatedly turns his head as if he is quickly scanning everything in his field of vision. A typical man will do this multiple times in a conversation. This is believed to be an instinctual behavior in men which allows the man to identify any possible danger as well as to identify potential mates. When a male is horizon scanning, especially at a bar or other social gathering, he will often catch the gaze of a woman. How the woman reacts determines if the dance will take place.

If the woman likes him and if she has been checking him out before he caught her gaze she will usually respond with an act of submission. In my experience this usually takes the form of the woman quickly looking down and then back up again meeting his eyes. This sends the message, "Hey, I like you and I'm submitting to you." When women give the signal of submission they can then be approached. Some women don't give a symbol of submission. These women can be tricky. Sometimes they will give a sly smile while staring at a man which he will interpret as a signal to approach. Often he finds that he has misread her. This is because that signal is often the signal of a tease. It can also be the signal of a slut or a woman who just wants sex and is rather sexually aggressive. If you are a guy and you only care about sex then you can play on these signals. Sometimes you will score and sometimes it's just a tease playing games. However, if the woman gives the signal of submission then the game is on. If you catch the gaze of a woman and she quickly turns her head to the side she is not interested unless she is playing hard to get. You can tell if she's playing hard to get if after she turns her head to the side she catches your gaze again only to turn her gaze to the side again. A woman playing hard to get will do this repeatedly. You can have success with a hard to get woman but many men feel like it's too much trouble and usually pass on these women.

The gays have a very similar version of "the look" which they use to spot and seduce other gays. A gay gay in full possession of his talents can walk into a room and quickly identify the other gay, bisexual, or bi-curious "straight" men.

Other things to be on the look out for are blink rate and the dilation of the pupils. When we find someone attractive our blink rate drastically increases and our pupils dilate. We also tend to make more eye-contact with the person we like.

The "bedroom eyes" is a tired, semi-closed eye look that is considered sexy because it is reminiscent of the look of the eyes during sex or orgasm.

"Dirty eyes" or "naughty eyes" is a very seductive form of look that can be given in a variety of situations, not just sexual, to gain influence over people. Both sexes find "dirty eyes" exciting.

The eyes are very important instruments to a seducer. They can be used to communicate volumes of information with a glance.  The seducer needs to master a wide variety of looks, not just sexual, to have power over people. Other looks the seducer needs to master is "sad eyes", "child-like eyes", "lonely eyes", "longing eyes", and rarely, "I want to f!#$ You now!-eyes". Be very careful with that last one. Too many people over use it. If you use it too much you are sending the message that you're a huge slut with no respect for yourself and people will begin to treat you accordingly.

Of course, anyone who has pretty eyes will have an advantage over those who do not. However, you can still work what you got. Remember, the eyes are the windows to the soul as well as being the seducer's weapons of mass destruction.

Finally, if you have eyes like mine which can take on different colors depending upon what you wear, take advantage of it! Pick your clothing to produce whatever shade of eye color you want for the occasion.

The Art Of Seduction - Part 3 - Sensuality

You open your bedroom windows and allow the cool, almost cold, air to filter in and over your silk sheets. You undress. Naked you enter your bed and feel the sensation flow over your entire body. Every square inch of your body is covered in goose bumps.  This is sensuality. Sensuality is being completely present in your skin, owning your body, opening up to sensation. The seducer must completely own their body and feel comfortable in their skin, at least when actively seducing.

Women are at a great advantage when it comes to sensuality. Society allows them to be sensual. In fact, there's nothing as sad as a non-sensual woman. They have no excuse. Men on the other hand have to be able to strike that perfect balance of masculinity and femininity in order to be sensual. If that balance is not met then failure usually results.

When I'm in rut or on the prowl I like to do some breathing exercises and summon my "life force" so to  speak. I lift my arms upwards and over my head until the backs of my hands touch. I then turn my hands around in a "prayer" formation and bring them down to my chest. As I'm doing this I can feel the electricity flow down my body.

When a seducer is fully in their skin they will natural move to incorporate objects in their environment into their seduction. The woman who runs her finger along the edge of her wine glass is the perfect example.

Try this. This works on both men and women. Get the target to speak about them self. Wait until they are lost in the moment and self-absorbed. This works better if you can do it to the edge of the table but if this is not possible then use the table top. Take your thumb and place it about halfway to the target on the table or edge of the table. Gently pull your thumb back toward you slowly and gently. Keep your head tilted and your glance to your thumb. Keep your poker face on. When your thumb nears your body stop. Right your head and meet his or her glance and continue to be interested in his or her words. One of two things will happen. Either he or she will simply not register what just took place or they will. The first is always the best. If  they fail to consciously register it then it means it's in the back of their mind, the subconscious, where it will work on them. If they did notice it consciously and even ask you why you did what you just did then simply respond with a smile and mention how smooth or strange the texture of the table is. Chances are that even if they do catch on they will have that look in their eyes, perhaps even a tint of blush to their cheeks. They will probably be intrigued, fascinated even. It's the little tricks like this that seducers learn to master.

Sensuality. Come into your skin. Own your body. Open up to sensation.

All The New 'American Horror Story: Coven" Promos Pluse New Info

I can't wait! I swear I'm going stir crazy. I'll probably end up with blue balls over this. This season will freaking rock.

Okay, the new info is that supposedly Santeria will be a part of the season. Also, the music of Stevie Nicks will be included. There's no word what song(s) have been chosen but my guess would be Rhiannon, since it's actually about a witch.

I think it's a great choice to use Stevie Nicks' music. Remember the rumors about her being a witch? LOL I kind of hope they use Gypsy and Gold Dust Woman as well.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Art Of Seduction - Part 2 - Mystery

The seducer walks into a room and a sudden chill breeze wafts in, invoking goose bumps in every person he or she passes. The seducer turns his or head slyly to flash a sudden corner stare and smile and then vanishes. The seducer knows the power of mystery.

The seducer is ethereal, only partly walking in this world. When you interact with a seducer you get the impression that you are dealing with only the tip of the iceberg, that there is an entire depth of being they are hiding. You may get hints of that being, when they want you to have them. Otherwise they will remain eternally aloof.

The seducer has the power to make the world fall away, to make time stand still. The only thing in existence is the seducer and his or her prey. The seducer delights in tricking the man or woman into divulging their entire life history. The prey will talk for hours about themselves and when it's all said and done they will have the illusion of intimacy. Few realize they even though they divulged their secrets, the seducer gave up very little. The seducer knows never to reveal their hand.

The seducer delights in contrary behavior. Any form of action contrary to the norm serves the purpose of producing confusion and intrigue. You would be surprised how many times I'm asked by my prey, with a blush and that fire in their eyes, why I made the choice I made or performed such and such action. I always respond with a smile.

The seducer knows they have successfully produced mystery in the target when said individually verbally expresses that they can't read you or can't figure you out. The seducer knows how to keep the target guessing. The seducer knows that the target will "fill in the blanks" that they perceive with their hopes, dreams, and fantasies. The seducer must become the canvas that the target paints their desires upon.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Art Of Seduction - Part 1 - Introduction

Any witch, wizard, conjure worker, spell-caster, or magic maker worth their salt should be professionals in the art of seduction. Any so called practitioner who is not highly skilled in seduction is more than likely not a powerful worker. Seduction is one of the oldest forms of magic. It is primal, powerful.

So what is seduction? Well, actually the definition of seduction is "to lead astray". Most people tend to always jump to sexual seduction which basically means to get a person who wouldn't normally want to have sex with you, have sex with you. You want to have sex with them but they don't necessarily want to have sex with you, so you seduce them. That's the form of 'leading astray' that is referenced there. You can't seduce the willing. So if they really want to have sex with you then it's not seduction. Seduction can also be used to have power over people and to get people to do your will. One really needs to know how to seduce both sexes, especially for mundane purposes and to get them to do your bidding. The more, shall I say adventurous crowd, should definitely learn to sexually seduce both sexes. Even if you don't want to actually go through with the sex part. It's a huge rush.

Now, everything has it's price. To be a seducer means to sacrifice something else. I will get more into that in later posts.

Finally, I want to touch on looks. Seduction is not dependent upon physical attractiveness. It doesn't matter what you look like. You can seduce people. Sure, if you were a perfect 10 your ability to seduce people would be at it's maximum potential but being a perfect 10 is definitely in no way, shape, or form necessary for seduction. Sexiness is mostly ethereal. Sexy is mostly attitude.

Just Got Back From Walmart

Went to go look at the Halloween stuff. Got some cool stuff.

Man, it's on! This is the time of year I'm at my most powerful. I know, everyone says that the Summer solstice is the time when our power is at it's greatest but honestly, for me at least, it starts around my birthday in late September and peaks at Halloween. It also has something to do with the temperature. Going through Summer nights with the temperatures being like 80+ degrees at night to nights when it's in the upper 50s triggers a change in me. I literally can feel the electricity flowing down my body and I just come alive during this time. I love it!

Official 'American Horror Story: Coven' Opening!

Goosebumps! I'm about to burst out of this skin. I can't wait until October, 9!

Did you spot that drawing of Santa Muerte?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Niece's Modelling Pictures

So my niece just started her modeling career. She's still young (14) and has a lot to learn but she's already blowing photographers away. It's a really good sign when photographers gush over a model. Because photographers will talk and help get the word around that you are a great model. So here are some of the pics from her shoot today. I helped pick out her clothes.

Before I post some of the pics let me just say that if you are a mixed-race person and have ever dreamed of being a model, give it a try. Agents want mixed-race models because they read so well and can play different races.  So many mixed-race people grow up thinking they are ugly. They feel they are ugly because they know they look different. What they fail to realize is that they are not ugly, but beautiful. Their beauty causes them to stand out and be different. That's a wonderful gift to  possess.

I was kind of leery about posting the pictures but both she and her mother gave me permission and want her face out there. Do memorize this face because you will definitely see it again!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Music Break - Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey

This is a hauntingly beautiful song. The video is superb with it's 70-ish retro vibe. I love it.  My favorite part is, "kiss me hard before you go". Gets to me every time.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Gays And Seduction

I don't know what is going on but I'm getting a lot of emails from gay guys wanting a spell to seduce a straight guy and make them gay. I guess there's something in the air right now. Which is strange because Fall is not yet upon us and Fall seems to be the time to bring out the sexy in a lot of people.

Anyway, I do believe I have written on this before but I guess it's time to write it again. If you are gay and you are feemin' so bad for a straight hunk then know that you can seduce him. Repeat: If you are a gay guy and you just can't go on with your life until you get you a taste of that certain straight guy then realize you can have him. You are going to have to seduce him. You also need to be able to act masculine while being sensual and seductive as well. Sure, some really fem gays get a lot of play but a lot of straight guys are repelled by volcanic-flamers. Now, if you are a top I think you have a better footing with regard to getting a straight guy. There are so many straight guys that want to experiment with being a bottom. Lots of them are the type that nobody would ever expect and many of them are married or have girlfriends.  Your hunk can be yours for the night, several nights, whatever. You just can not hold him. He will never love you. He will never be your boyfriend. As long as you reconcile yourself to the fact that you can enjoy him physically but not possess him romantically, emotionally or even spiritually then you will be okay.

Women, I don't know why it is but some women are just dang stir crazy over gay guys. It's like they think the gay guy they desire is a mythical form of gay guy who is going to romance them, sex them up, and carry them off into the sun set. Of course it's just never going to happen. There's no such gay man in existence. They can find a bisexual man to fill that desire but never a gay guy. Now, women, if by chance you are one of those women who just can't resist chasing a certain gay guy you too can have him. You will need to be assertive and you will need to play your cards right. You will need to make some adjustments as gay guys most likely will not get an erection for a woman, or as readily as they would for a guy. That's perfectly fine. The penis has a mind of it's own. You will just need to be really nice to the penis, pay it some real close attention and it will warm up to you. You too can take carnal pleasure with a gay guy if you so chose. However, the same rules apply. He will never be yours. He will never be the man you truly need. It can be good while it lasts though.

The reason why a gay guy can seduce a straight guy and why women can seduce a gay guy is because there is no such thing as 100% gay or straight. Sexuality is a spectrum. Everyone has tendencies. All you have to do is know how to push the right buttons to get the desired result. Also, I don't want to leave the lesbians out. The same rules apply to you as well. Remember, seduction itself is magic. The ability to gain control over a person, to produce physical changes in them, to make them loose their freaking minds, is itself one of the oldest forms of manipulative, and highly erotic, magic in existence. All conjure workers/witches/magic makers worth their salt should be very skilled at it. And if I may be as bold to be a bit titillating, a real magic maker needs to be able to seduce both sexes to achieve maximum power and influence.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Friday The 13th & Amercian Horror Story: Coven Promos

So today is Friday the 13th! I love these days! I don't feel they are bad luck at all. I actually just think their energy is chaotic and chaos can bring both negative and positive things. So make sure to carry your good luck totem today if you are so inclined!

Promos for the upcoming American Horror Story: Coven have been released. This will be season 3 of the series. It will also be the last one for Jessica Lange as she is leaving. She will go out with a bang though as this season there will be a lot of famous actors. We, the fans, correctly picked up on the clues put in season 2 that identified that season 3 would be about witches. Since the show incorporates so many different things, weaving them together in a masterpiece, expect there to be stuff on Salem, New Orleans Voodoo, and even the devil-worshipping Illuminati! Anything can happen! Below are promos for the new season.

I'm so freaking excited I need a cold shower. I'm so damn sick of the Wiccans stealing everything. It's time we put the wicked back in witch. And the sexiness too! American Horror Story: Coven premieres October 9, 2013, on FX. The beginning episode is titled, Bitchcraft.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Testimony From A Client

This is Rolonda (fake name for anonymity). Rolonda hired me for some work earlier in the year. This is what she has to say. The 'xxx' is info I had to censor to keep her anonymous.

----- Original Message -----
From: xxx
Sent: 09/03/13 05:50 PM
Subject: Update
Hi Doc!!
How r u?
I just wanted to give u an update... First, every single thing u said during my reading was on point!!! Everything u predicted was correct!
Second, my relationship with xxx has never been better (knock on wood) it took forever but hes been so responsive and have been sucha sweetheart lately. Im glad I listened to your advice by keeping positive and not obssessing over the work that you did. 
Im waiting until my financial situation gets better so I can do the other works with you.
Thanks Doc!
Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Smartphone

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tools Of Conjure - Broom

Broom Whisk For Clients
It's Used To Brush Down Clients With, To Cleanse Them.

                                        Broom By Entrance Of My Altar Room For Protection

Brooms are one of the tools that are a must for conjure work. I have 5. One is only used to gather dirts used in conjure work. The main role of brooms is to cleanse but they can also be used for protection, to protect from witchcraft, to identify a witch, and to drive of unwanted visitors. Additionally a broom can be used to both remove or draw in anything one may wish. In olden days workers used the very same broom they used for cleaning. So it always cracks me up when I hear the nonsense from the online crowd who claim your broom must never be used for mundane tasks. Sorry to bust you bubbles fakos but real workers of time past did not hold that view and they had to make do with what was available to them. That means the exact same broom that was used to clean was used for magic.

Now, you can make your own broom if you want. I have one broom I made for Halloween. To make a brook you simply can purchase a cinnamon broom from the dollar store. They should be available for sale right now (starting around when they first start putting out decorations for Halloween). Buy a couple of them. Get a large stick or wooden rod, whatever. Take apart the cinnamon broom and set them into bundle.  Use some thread, string, jute, or twine to tie the bundles up. Hot glue the bundles on to the stick. Use twine to wrap all of the bundles tightly. Now you can also decorate your broom further. Since the one I made was for Halloween I took some natural fall leaves I bought at Michaels' and some Halloween-themed ribbons. However, you can decorate your broom however you like. If  you do not want to make your own broom you can simply purchase one. Around Halloween-time many stores, such as Walmart, or various party stores and costume shops will have witch brooms available for sell. They are usually kid-sized but they still can work. I have one of them. You can also purchase a quality-made one from a skilled professional broom maker. Below is a link to an Etsy store that I would personally recommend.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

5 Months Smoke-Free!

Today is my 5 month anniversary of being smoke-free. I'm so excited. I'm getting so many emails from smokers who transitioned and smokers who are thinking of doing so. I love it. 

Fake Ass Hollywod Bull Shit

I'm livid. I'm not going to mention any names here. An actor who I had a serious man-crush on recently came out of the closet as gay. It surprised me because my gaydar is wonky. Anyway, I'm glad this guy came out and wish him the best and hope he can find a right guy to settle down with. However, at the same time I couldn't help but think in the back of my mind that he waited until his acting career was over with before coming out. So I let that go. Now this actor has gone public with a claim of a suicide attempt at a young age because he was struggling with his sexuality. I was mortified because so many young gay teens who struggle with their sexuality do think about suicide and or attempt it. The rates are ridiculously high. So I just heard about it but didn't really know anything more until I clicked on a news story and read a statement that this actor made. That's when everything crashed and I was livid.  In my opinion, the suicide attempt didn't happen, or at least didn't happen as he claimed. I'm so shocked at what I believe is a blatant lie that I even thought about doing some conjure work to teach him a lesson. I'm not but I was tempted. Because how dare this man use gay teen suicide as something to gain publicity off of? I'm so sick of fucking Hollywood. Everything out of Hollywood is a damn lie.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Amish Witchcraft Again!

So did anybody catch last night's episode of Breaking Amish? Here's a spoiler alert.
Betsy, the witch, found out that she is part Mexican and related to Abigail Hobbs, a 14 year-old  girl who was accused of being a witch during the Salem Witch Hunts. Additionally the Amish/Mennonite young people went to Mexico. Betsy stopped off at a little shrine to Santa Muerte  and lit a candle. She obviously hasn't done this before because she lit an incense stick and didn't blow it out, just kept it burning with the huge flame. LOL She also called some other witch she knew who recommend she get some of Iva's hair to get revenge on her!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Really Weird Dream And A Cool Celeb Interaction

So early this morning I had this really vivid dream. It started where I found this monogramed piece of cloth or hanky with the letters, "C.B.", followed by a last name I didn't quite see. When I saw it I knew it was a sign from an old Indian man that "it was my time". I then had this kind of like replay of the Native man leaving it for me. He was dressed up just like a chief. So I knew that I was supposed to go somewhere. I automatically go to California somewhere. It was like some type of lodge and there was all kinds of young Indian men there. I felt the odd-man-out because everyone there was pure bred and I'm not pure bred Indian. Most of the guys there were caught up in their own drama so I was pretty much ignored and just did my own thing. I was messing around outside, kicking stuff and found these weird type of leg warmers, like for a ceremonial dance or something. A voice told me to put them on. The one on my left leg was made of rabbit fur. The one on my right leg was white with some green designs. I tried to look closely at it to tell what the design was but couldn't see it. Then the voice told me I had to learn the dance. I then woke up. Very strange. I dream of an old Indian man frequently. From my Jungian studies I would say he represents the "wise old man".  I'm not quite sure what the dream meant at this point but I awoke full of energy and feel rather different.

And now for a cool story. I was on a popular forum and I was discussing the song "Blurred Lines". Well, some woman went off on me because I defended his use of nudity in the uncensored version. Apparently the Nazi-prudes can't accept nudity under any circumstances. Well I replied about that, how such view is puritanical and prudish and how the human body is beautiful and the ancient peoples had no problem with it. Well, I got a response from someone claiming to be Robin Thicke thanking me for the comment. Now, I know that anybody can pretend to be anybody online. However, if this was an impersonator then he/she did a really good job because they were talking about stuff that reads legit. Like he was talking about how everyone accused him of having sex with all the models in the video, like a big orgy right there, and he said it was ridiculous because his wife was there on the set! So it came across as being legit. I was just left with the opinion that Robin Thicke is a really cool guy. Now, I normally don't share anything about my experiences with celebrities, especially if they are clients, but I just thought I would share that.

Here's the clean version.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Updates & Changes

My laptop blew up this morning so I went out and bought I new one. My old laptop was, well, old. I had it for 8 years and I was semi-hoping to stretch it out for an even 10 years. Alas, the Universe had other things in mind. So I got a new one and it has Windows 8 installed and I'm totally lost. So it's going to be a couple of days until I can get used to it. So there may not be any posts for a few days.

Also, I will be changing comments so you have to log in to leave a comment. If anybody needs me they can still send an email until I return.

God Bless,


Monday, September 2, 2013

Note To Readers

Just letting my readers and clients know that my blog is under attack by Wiccans/Neopagans/Witches and racists. I'm trying to delete the comments as quickly as the idiots leave them but if you catch one please realize it will be dealt with. Anytime someone leaves a comment I'm notified. Of course all these witches and racists are cowards and only post anonymously. I'm tempted to change the comment policy to where they have to log in to comment but I haven't made up my mind yet.

Thank You,


Testimony From A Client

This is Chad (fake name for anonymity). Chad has been a regular client of mine for a while now. He recently sent me this.

----- Original Message -----
From: xxx
Sent: 08/29/13 12:25 PM
Subject: Re: The burn 
Wow, that's weird it feels like a light cool breeze is blowing on me. Is it normal too feel results this fast?
Well anyway thank you Doc your light setting always work right on time. The past 3 weeks really knocked me down but Im am now looking forward to the positive changes to come in the future. Feel free to use this has a testimony.