Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Really Weird Dream And A Cool Celeb Interaction

So early this morning I had this really vivid dream. It started where I found this monogramed piece of cloth or hanky with the letters, "C.B.", followed by a last name I didn't quite see. When I saw it I knew it was a sign from an old Indian man that "it was my time". I then had this kind of like replay of the Native man leaving it for me. He was dressed up just like a chief. So I knew that I was supposed to go somewhere. I automatically go to California somewhere. It was like some type of lodge and there was all kinds of young Indian men there. I felt the odd-man-out because everyone there was pure bred and I'm not pure bred Indian. Most of the guys there were caught up in their own drama so I was pretty much ignored and just did my own thing. I was messing around outside, kicking stuff and found these weird type of leg warmers, like for a ceremonial dance or something. A voice told me to put them on. The one on my left leg was made of rabbit fur. The one on my right leg was white with some green designs. I tried to look closely at it to tell what the design was but couldn't see it. Then the voice told me I had to learn the dance. I then woke up. Very strange. I dream of an old Indian man frequently. From my Jungian studies I would say he represents the "wise old man".  I'm not quite sure what the dream meant at this point but I awoke full of energy and feel rather different.

And now for a cool story. I was on a popular forum and I was discussing the song "Blurred Lines". Well, some woman went off on me because I defended his use of nudity in the uncensored version. Apparently the Nazi-prudes can't accept nudity under any circumstances. Well I replied about that, how such view is puritanical and prudish and how the human body is beautiful and the ancient peoples had no problem with it. Well, I got a response from someone claiming to be Robin Thicke thanking me for the comment. Now, I know that anybody can pretend to be anybody online. However, if this was an impersonator then he/she did a really good job because they were talking about stuff that reads legit. Like he was talking about how everyone accused him of having sex with all the models in the video, like a big orgy right there, and he said it was ridiculous because his wife was there on the set! So it came across as being legit. I was just left with the opinion that Robin Thicke is a really cool guy. Now, I normally don't share anything about my experiences with celebrities, especially if they are clients, but I just thought I would share that.

Here's the clean version.

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