Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Friday The 13th & Amercian Horror Story: Coven Promos

So today is Friday the 13th! I love these days! I don't feel they are bad luck at all. I actually just think their energy is chaotic and chaos can bring both negative and positive things. So make sure to carry your good luck totem today if you are so inclined!

Promos for the upcoming American Horror Story: Coven have been released. This will be season 3 of the series. It will also be the last one for Jessica Lange as she is leaving. She will go out with a bang though as this season there will be a lot of famous actors. We, the fans, correctly picked up on the clues put in season 2 that identified that season 3 would be about witches. Since the show incorporates so many different things, weaving them together in a masterpiece, expect there to be stuff on Salem, New Orleans Voodoo, and even the devil-worshipping Illuminati! Anything can happen! Below are promos for the new season.

I'm so freaking excited I need a cold shower. I'm so damn sick of the Wiccans stealing everything. It's time we put the wicked back in witch. And the sexiness too! American Horror Story: Coven premieres October 9, 2013, on FX. The beginning episode is titled, Bitchcraft.


  1. Haven't watched AHS yet. I know I'm going to love it, so I'm waiting for the first two seasons to come out on DVD. I always get things on DVD when I think I'm gonna like it, so I don't have to watch them mutilated by annoying commercials.

    My wife and I are watching Grimm and Haven at this time. Really like them both.


    1. You will love it. It's great. Each season is a completely different story so you can start on any season and just backtrack and watch the previous ones when you can. Season 1 is a based around a haunted house. Season 2 is set in an insane asylum and, of course, season 3 is about witches. It's very "Twin Peaks"-like and it's a very complex. I can't wait until you watch season 1 and try to guess who "rubber man" is. I was one of the few people on the forum who actually guessed right! Everybody said I was stupid for thinking it was the person. LOL But yea, give it a watch. I'm sure you will like it.