Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Niece's Modelling Pictures

So my niece just started her modeling career. She's still young (14) and has a lot to learn but she's already blowing photographers away. It's a really good sign when photographers gush over a model. Because photographers will talk and help get the word around that you are a great model. So here are some of the pics from her shoot today. I helped pick out her clothes.

Before I post some of the pics let me just say that if you are a mixed-race person and have ever dreamed of being a model, give it a try. Agents want mixed-race models because they read so well and can play different races.  So many mixed-race people grow up thinking they are ugly. They feel they are ugly because they know they look different. What they fail to realize is that they are not ugly, but beautiful. Their beauty causes them to stand out and be different. That's a wonderful gift to  possess.

I was kind of leery about posting the pictures but both she and her mother gave me permission and want her face out there. Do memorize this face because you will definitely see it again!


  1. Doc, she is a beautiful young lady. wishing her every success. R.

  2. She has a unique face Doc. Best wishes to her.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. She's upset about her square face and jaws but I told her that despite what people think, models aren't perfect. There is just something different about them that sets them apart.

    2. Olivia Wilde is doing very well, so she should not worry about the shape of her face.

  3. what a beautiful young lady...wishing her the best in her endeavors! :)k