Thursday, September 12, 2013

Testimony From A Client

This is Rolonda (fake name for anonymity). Rolonda hired me for some work earlier in the year. This is what she has to say. The 'xxx' is info I had to censor to keep her anonymous.

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From: xxx
Sent: 09/03/13 05:50 PM
Subject: Update
Hi Doc!!
How r u?
I just wanted to give u an update... First, every single thing u said during my reading was on point!!! Everything u predicted was correct!
Second, my relationship with xxx has never been better (knock on wood) it took forever but hes been so responsive and have been sucha sweetheart lately. Im glad I listened to your advice by keeping positive and not obssessing over the work that you did. 
Im waiting until my financial situation gets better so I can do the other works with you.
Thanks Doc!
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