Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Art Of Seduction - Part 2 - Mystery

The seducer walks into a room and a sudden chill breeze wafts in, invoking goose bumps in every person he or she passes. The seducer turns his or head slyly to flash a sudden corner stare and smile and then vanishes. The seducer knows the power of mystery.

The seducer is ethereal, only partly walking in this world. When you interact with a seducer you get the impression that you are dealing with only the tip of the iceberg, that there is an entire depth of being they are hiding. You may get hints of that being, when they want you to have them. Otherwise they will remain eternally aloof.

The seducer has the power to make the world fall away, to make time stand still. The only thing in existence is the seducer and his or her prey. The seducer delights in tricking the man or woman into divulging their entire life history. The prey will talk for hours about themselves and when it's all said and done they will have the illusion of intimacy. Few realize they even though they divulged their secrets, the seducer gave up very little. The seducer knows never to reveal their hand.

The seducer delights in contrary behavior. Any form of action contrary to the norm serves the purpose of producing confusion and intrigue. You would be surprised how many times I'm asked by my prey, with a blush and that fire in their eyes, why I made the choice I made or performed such and such action. I always respond with a smile.

The seducer knows they have successfully produced mystery in the target when said individually verbally expresses that they can't read you or can't figure you out. The seducer knows how to keep the target guessing. The seducer knows that the target will "fill in the blanks" that they perceive with their hopes, dreams, and fantasies. The seducer must become the canvas that the target paints their desires upon.

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